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Sacramento (CBS13) – The mask is coming off, which for many means it’s time to “face” the familiar goal of “doing the best”.

For months, it was the pajamas and face coverings in front of the zoom that rarely saw your smile. But all of that is changing.The proof is in what we are buying now

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Topline manager Tania Miranda said:

Top-line cosmetics and fashion customers want to get out of the darkness of COVID and make it attractive again.

“People are buying clothes, they are buying makeup,” Miranda said.

During the pandemic, sales of beauty products such as lipstick plummeted, and people stayed at home and covered them with masks. But now they are preparing for the resurgence of cosmetics.

“We plan to replenish it soon, just because there will be major changes starting next month,” says Miranda.

And shoppers are about to throw away their pandemic pajamas.

“It’s a good sign as clothing sales are growing,” Miranda said. “I feel like people are really starting to appear.”

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From deodorants, tooth whiteners, razors to condoms, major retailers have seen double-digit sales growth in personal care products compared to this time last year, when toilet paper and hand sanitizers were top sellers. ..

“We’re out of hibernation and we really want to look good,” said Joey Garcia, a relationship advisory expert.

Garcia says it shows that people are ready to meet again. “We are hungry for connections. We are humans and that is how we build.”

However, even if it looks new, there are some that are a little rusty when it comes to going out.

“From this pandemic era, some people want to connect with others, so they’ll be too strong and scary,” Garcia said.

But nothing is more scary than this year’s beast. Many feel that it is time to focus on beauty.

“I feel like things are starting to get back to normal,” Miranda said.

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It’s not all fashion and beauty. The Wall Street Journal also states that alarm clock sales have doubled and people have had to get a job. In addition, luggage sales have increased by 400%.

Sales Of Cosmetics, Teeth Whiteners Up As Masks Come Off – CBS Sacramento Source link Sales Of Cosmetics, Teeth Whiteners Up As Masks Come Off – CBS Sacramento

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