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Salida woman hopes to restore historic Cleora Cemetery – Colorado Springs, Colorado

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Salida, Colorado — Founded in 1880, the Cleora Cemetery has served as the last resting place for the founders of nearby Salida. According to Salida’s local history enthusiast Nicole Dixon Kinyon, the cemetery contains the bodies of early settlers in Chaffee County who traveled to Buena Vista, Maysville, Garfield and other neighboring areas.

“It was the only graveyard in the area,” said Dixon Dickson. “The actual town location, Cleola, was founded in 1878. They founded the cemetery in 1880.”

according to History ColoradoThe cemetery “acted as a pioneer graveyard in the area before Salida and other local settlements developed such facilities, and became the final resting place for pioneers in several nearby communities. I did. “

Founded in 1878, Cleola was a short-lived railroad town that served as a source of tourists. Unfortunately for the small town, two years later, Salida was formed, along with the death of the small town Crayola. Today, the Criola Cemetery is the only hint of where the small railroad town was.

“The four and a half lands have a great deal of history,” said Dixon-Kinyon.

Despite being a historic land, the cemetery is in a better era. Overgrown weeds are scattered on the ground, destroyer artwork can be seen in the area, and once high fences are now on the ground.

“Nature is definitely making that sacrifice,” said Dixon-Kinyon.

Most of the tombs in the graveyard are unmarked. However, instead of indicating abandonment, unmarked tombs have existed since the creation of the graveyard.

so Published document In 2017, the US National Parks Department’s Home Office wrote: “The graveyard is not officially located in a block or graveyard arrangement with roads and paths. Instead, on a mountain with an informal social path that radiates southward from the north entrance gate to the site. There is a landscape (Photo 4). The tombs and parcels have rooms and are irregularly arranged where individual families prefer. The northernmost section (at the bottom of the site) is probably a drainage problem. Because of this, there are relatively few marked burials … “

Tombstones and enclosures in the Criola Cemetery.Nicole Dixon-Courtesy of Kinyon

There is no formal layout or fully marked tomb, but Dixon-Kinyon wants to arrange a plot that can be seen as the rest of the tombstones.

“Many tombstones have been pushed down,” said Dixon-Kinyon. “There are a lot of unmarked tombs out there that need at least a little help.”

On September 7, Dixon-Kinyon created a GoFundMe account in the hope of raising enough money to repair the graveyard. Almost immediately, businesses, families, and neighbors began to promise help. But it’s not just the locals who want to help.

“I was contacted by someone like Virginia, New York,” said Dixon Dickson. “It really spread and really fast. I didn’t expect it.”

The goal for Dixon-Kinyon is $ 8,000. With that money, she plans to get the tools she needs to weed the entire area, replace old fences, remove vandalism, and buy commemorative shields to honor the people buried there. I am.

“I think it’s important to commemorate the people buried there. Without them, Chaffee County wouldn’t really exist,” explained Dixon Kinyon. “Without Chaffee County, the railroad wouldn’t pass here. It just connects a lot of people, it’s just a parcel of this little land.”

A photo of the fence fence at the Criola Cemetery.Nicole Dixon-Courtesy of Kinyon

The process is not easy. Dixon Dickson states that the lawn is not available in the area due to the layout of the boot hills and the sloping grounds. Instead, you’ll need a weed eater to get rid of the tall weeds you’ve taken over. Removing and replacing the fencing takes time.

Dixon-Kinyon hopes that all these refurbishments will be completed by the end of October. But to do that, she will need volunteers. If you want to help, please email her at ndkinyon16 @ We also recommend sending donations to PO Box 631 Salida, CO, 81201.

To view Dixon-Kinyon’s GoFundMe

Salida woman hopes to restore historic Cleora Cemetery Source link Salida woman hopes to restore historic Cleora Cemetery

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