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The CDC said it was “impossible” to determine which component of the takeaway meal was contaminated because the container contained multiple foods. (Getty Images)

(NEXSTAR) – The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has recorded a “significant” number of new infectious diseases in the multi-state outbreak of Salmonella due to unknown food sources.

According to the latest CDC case count, at least 279 infections were associated with the strains observed at the time of outbreak, 26 of which required hospitalization. Published on friday.. Last week, the CDC identified only 127 infections related to unidentified food sources, including 18 hospitalizations.

The outbreak also spread to a total of 29 states, four more than when the CDC first reported the infection. last week..

There are no outbreak-related deaths.

According to the CDC, the strain observed in this outbreak, Salmonella Oranienburg, began to make people sick on August 3, and grew “rapidly” in the weeks that followed. Authorities estimate that the actual number of people with the disease is “much higher” than 279, as many infected people often recover without seeking treatment or being tested.

Authorities also say it can take up to four weeks to determine if a sick person is actually part of the outbreak.

Data from the CDC lab have identified the strain in take-out containers provided to restaurant customers, but investigators have not yet identified the food sources associated with the outbreak.

“State and local authorities have collected groceries from several restaurants eaten by sick people,” the CDC wrote in a Friday update. “The outbreak of Salmonella oranienburg was found in a sample taken from a takeaway seasoning cup containing coriander and lime. The sick person reported that the seasoning container also contained onions, but tested. By the way, there was nothing left in the cup. “

However, the CDC states that it is “impossible” to pinpoint which ingredient or ingredient was contaminated because there were other foods in the takeaway container.

Health officials are currently collecting additional data, according to the CDC.

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In a statement shared with Nexstar a few days before the latest update to the CDC, authorities said they continued to see “a significant number of new cases reported daily.”

“It is still important for people to report their symptoms to health care providers and the local health department,” added a statement released by Belsie González, senior public relations specialist at the CDC.

Symptoms of Salmonella include diarrhea, fever, gastric spasm, nausea, vomiting, and headache. People who are experiencing more serious symptoms such as dehydration, long-term vomiting, long-term diarrhea, and diarrhea with a fever above 102 degrees Fahrenheit should contact their doctor immediately.

Below is a complete list of infections and where they were reported.

  • Texas: 81
  • Oklahoma: 40
  • Illinois: 23
  • Virginia: 22
  • Minnesota: 19
  • Massachusetts: 10
  • Maryland: 9
  • Wisconsin: 8
  • Arkansas: 7
  • Kansas: 6
  • New Mexico: 6
  • California: 5
  • Connecticut: 5
  • South Dakota: 5
  • Michigan: 4
  • Nebraska: 4
  • New Jersey: 4
  • Pennsylvania: 4
  • Missouri: 3
  • Florida: 2
  • New York: 2
  • North Carolina: 2
  • Utah: 2
  • Indiana: 1
  • Iowa: 1
  • North Dakota: 1
  • Oregon: 1
  • South Carolina: 1
  • Tennessee: 1

For more information This occurrence When Salmonella infection You can find it on the CDC website.

Salmonella outbreak from unidentified source expands to 29 states; CDC says strain found in takeout container Source link Salmonella outbreak from unidentified source expands to 29 states; CDC says strain found in takeout container

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