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Salvation Army hosts 38th annual Thanksgiving meal – Colorado Springs, Colorado

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Colorado Springs — At Thanksgiving, many poor members of the community were recipients of the Thanksgiving feast thrown by the Salvation Army as the 38th event.

A dinner enjoyed by the people who participated in the 38th Annual Thanksgiving Dinner. Credit: Sarah Hempelmann

Captain Eric Wilkerson, director of the Salvation Army and a retired officer, said:

Turkeys, potatoes, green beans, bread rolls and pies are just one of the dietary variations offered by the shelter. Credit: Sarah Hempelmann

Anyone could attend the dinner, which was attended by hundreds of people, including single men, single women and families. They came from all backgrounds, whether homeless, financially struggling, or simply having no way of making a big Thanksgiving meal on their own.

“It’s great that we can serve a very fulfilling supper because we know that many of the men who come off the street are very thin, so it’s great to pack calories once in a while.” Wilkerson said.

On Thursday, the Salvation Army said it had about 10 volunteers. Some of them were there for a while, and others originally came to the shelter for help, but later decided to volunteer as a way to give back.

Volunteers add a finishing touch to the pumpkin pie. Credit: Sarah Hempelmann

“When I was on the street, I didn’t know I was going to the shelter, so it was difficult to get food,” said Jeremy Gearhard, a volunteer and former patron saint of the shelter. rice field. “The fact that I can give back in the best possible way makes me feel like I’m doing some part to help.”

The Salvation Army said it was these lives and other people like this that made what they did worthwhile. The shelter also said that many of the homeless and struggling people are actually families, so they would like to reach out to their children even more.

“It’s very sad that children have to live and start living in homeless shelters, so we strive to make their holidays as festive and happy as possible,” Wilkerson said. rice field.

The Salvation Army says it will soon begin decorating Christmas, and they are excited to seek help from the people they live in.

The shelter said winter clothes such as coats, hats and gloves were still needed as the weather was starting to cool.If you want to donate or need more information, you can find their website here..

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