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Salvatore Ferragamo succumbs to logo mania

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July 15, 2021

Salvatore Ferragamo, Like many other labels, created a monogram logo. On the eve of a big change, an Italian luxury brand (Burberry boss Bruno Gobetti will be appointed as CEO at the end of 2021.) Has decided to embody the brand name in the two initials of the founder Salvatore Ferragamo, the capitals S and F. It is elegantly painted with a slight slope that gives it a vintage feel.

New Salvatore Ferragamo Monogram-Salvatore Ferragamo

This is not the first time Salvatore Ferragamo has tried to find the logo. In 2019, the Gancio Monogram, two semicircles linked by a small hair clip inspired by the striking door pattern of Palazzo, the building of Spiniferoni, was introduced, which is still the headquarters of the Florentine label. It is the home of.

The current idea, as explained in the press release, is “to pay tribute to the founder Salvatore Ferragamo, his creative innovation and avant-garde vision.”

new logo Will premiere in the fall of 2021 with a new sci-fi logo line featuring accessories such as belts, sneakers, moccasins, wallets, card holders and bags for men’s pre-collections. All of these are made from recycled materials that have less impact on the environment.

This line includes messenger bags, backpacks, and Iconyl® briefcases (nylon fibers made entirely of recycled fishing nets and other nylon scraps), sewn with recycled thread and recycled. Secured with a zipper made of recycled polyester made from plastic, as Ferragamo showed in the press release, the bottle.

The launch of the science fiction logo line will be accompanied by a digital advertising campaign with lenses and photographs taken at the Galleria Memphis Post Design, a gallery museum in Milan. The model walks through 1980s signature furniture and design objects led by the Memphis Group. Architect / designer Ettore Sottsass.

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Salvatore Ferragamo succumbs to logo mania

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