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Sam Asgari responded ironically (and in great detail) when approaching his “engagement” with his girlfriend Britney Spears.

Sam Asgari Ironically surrendered to tabloid feed as he approached his “engagement” to his girlfriend Britney Spears.. The 27-year-old personal trainer states that he and the 39-year-old pop star have actually been married for five years and are also twin parents.

Britney Spears and boyfriend Sam Asgari (Rob Latour / Shutterstock)

While at a car dealership in Los Angeles on Wednesday, July 21 Sam was approached by a photographer He congratulated him on his imminent marriage to the singer.Engagement rumors have since swirled Britney was filmed outside A photo of a Starbucks drive-through with a large diamond ring on her finger earlier this week.

The personal trainer responded cheeky to Wednesday’s congratulations on her engagement. “People don’t know, but we’ve been married for about five years,” he said. “We secretly got married in Hawaii. That’s one story I don’t know, but I see it in the newspaper.” He smiled and added, “Yes, I have twins.”

Britney and Sam have been dating since early 2017.They met after a personal trainer starred as her 2016 pop star love interest Music video for “Slumber Party”. In a star court battle to end the power of attorney, Sam #FreeBritney, advocating movement For Britney to regain control of her life and property.

Hours before June’s pop star’s first court testimony, the trainer wore a “free Britney” shirt and shared a selfie on Instagram Story.Britney with an explosive hearing Called for “abuse” removal Under the power of attorney, she said she wanted to “sue” her family.Compare her father JamieHaving been a “sex trafficker” as her guardian for the past 13 years, she said she “loves” to manage herself.

Pop star was given the right to choose her My lawyer, Matthew Rosengart, At her recent July 14 hearing. She also Criminal accusation against her father Abuse of the power of attorney system. Matthew contains A-list customers Sean Penn, Winona Ryder,and Keanu Reeves, He told reporters “Move aggressively” to get rid of Jamie From the Power of Attorney — unless he “resigns first”.

Sam Asgari jokes Britney Spears gets married in a new video – Hollywood Life

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