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“ICarly” is back! HL spoke exclusively with Nathan Kress and Jerry Trainor about the epic resurrection, how Jennette McCurdy’s absence of Sam is explained, and more.

It feels like 2007 again.The long-awaited iCarly Resurrection It will premiere on Paramount + on June 17th. Almost the entire original cast is back, Exception Jennette McCurdy.. Hollywood Life Got an exclusive scoop from Nathan Kress And Jerry Trainor About Samless Revival.

“I think that was one of the important things we wanted to see from the beginning, at least explaining where Sam was,” Nathan said. Hollywood Life Between the show’s virtual press junkets. In “ iCarly Space, anyway she goes to Los Angeles and lives her life. Let me explain a little about it. After iCarly Finished in 2012, Sam got his spin-off Sam & Cat..

Nathan Kress, Miranda Cosgrove, Jerry Trainor. (GISELLE HERNANDEZ / Paramount +)

Jerry added: We are not deeply absorbed in it, but we want to let the audience know where she is and what she is doing. Nathan promised that Shaw wasn’t “trying to steamroller” Sam’s absence. Jerry continued: “I also respect where Jennette McCurdy is in her life. She decided to move on. We are very proud of her and very happy. She is me in this world. Being part of our family, though, it introduced us to new characters, gave us a new voice, and gave us space to move forward. Going in a direction that might be unexpectedly welcomed. I think.”

Nathan and Jerry both starred together Miranda Cosgrove Jennet from the Nickelodeon series, which was a hit from 2007 to 2012. The star revealed how the character behaved about 10 years after the show ended.

“Freddie realized he was at the wrong end of his life,” Nathan teased. “Many bad things happened. He divorced twice. He was a tech entrepreneur and tried to start up but failed altogether. He lost everything in the divorce. And now He lives with his mother, but now he has a stepdaughter who has been adopted since his second marriage, and all of this is taken care of as it collapses around him, so we He wasn’t in a great place when he first found him, but my overall idea is iCarly When I come back and try to start the web show again, I want to go back to a simpler era, with this hope instilled in his nostalgia and his own nostalgia. , And Spencer. In a sense, I think some of Freddy’s experiences reflect the challenges and hardships of others in their late twenties over the past few years. We are in such a strange era. Freddie is a little more cartoonish and a little more there. He was a little more advanced than the average person in his late twenties, but I think there are many similarities. It’s nice to see this glittering Nickelodeon coming from a very squeaky world to this very real world. , Things didn’t work perfectly the way they expected. “

Original “iCarly” Jennette McCurdy, Nathan Kress, Miranda Cosgrove. (Everett Collection)

As for Spencer, Jerry emphasized that his personality was “a little unchanged.” He elaborated. “He became wealthy because he was lucky with the lit sculpture, and everyone thought it was a powerful statement. So now they are not geniuses, but he I think he’s a genius. Now he has a way to be even more eccentric. “

Nathan is a revival fan iCarly As for the world, “As long as I took the beloved children’s show in this ridiculous Nickelodeon world, grew up with the characters they played, and gave it to the audience who saw the show as a child, it’s actually this so far. No one has done it. The opportunity to return to that universe. “He said,” A completely different set of situations and opportunities for doing things as an adult, and that’s the classic replay of the kids show. It was fun to see “Doing an adult show that we would never have had the opportunity to do if it was a launch” [where] It’s about kids now and all these things. I still have that element because I have a daughter, but we do it differently than the other people who did it before. It’s exciting to me. “

Sam’s whereabouts revealed in revival, cast says – Hollywood Life

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