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San Ramon, CA (AP) — Samsung’s next smartphone boasts a larger screen, a better camera, and a longer-lasting battery …

San Ramon, CA (AP) — Samsung’s next smartphone offers a larger screen, better camera, and longer-lasting battery at a lower price than last year’s lineup announced just before the pandemic disrupted the economy. ..

The three Galaxy S21 phones, unveiled at a virtual event on Thursday, are plagued by the danger of unemploying millions of people, getting millions to work or go to school from home. We face some of the same challenges in our economy.

But this time, Samsung has made some price adjustments to reflect difficult times.

All three phones are cheaper than last year’s equivalent model and are reduced by 7% to 20%. Some of the price cuts are due to lower costs to make the device compatible with faster 5G wireless networks, but Samsung is also for consumers struggling to achieve their goals. We are trying to make the device more affordable, said Drew Blackard, vice president of a Korean company. Product management.

“We are always looking at what is happening in the market and trying to respond to it,” says Blackard.

Apple has also offered cheaper versions of the iPhone in recent years. This trend was amplified by the model that sold for $ 400 last April and another shrink device that was released last fall and sold for $ 700 against the latest $ 1,100.Top model

Samsung quickly learned how a pandemic could change the smartphone market when the US Galaxy S20 model hit a US store last March. Just as lockdown has closed a large area of ​​the economy and unemployment has skyrocketed to its highest level since the Great Depression. Almost a century ago.

According to research firm International Data Corp, the recession has reduced demand for the Galaxy S20 lineup, resulting in a 29% year-on-year decrease in Samsung smartphone shipments, research firm International Data Corp said. This plunge caused Samsung to temporarily fall off the perch. One of the world’s leading sellers of smartphones, the company recovered the mantle from Huawei in China after shipments recovered between July and September.

However, due to this slump, Samsung began releasing a low-priced mobile phone called the Galaxy S20 FE in October. This was not included in the company’s original plans last year. The model was priced at $ 700, starting at the $ 1,000 price Samsung set for the low-priced standard Galaxy S20.

In this year’s lineup, the standard Galaxy S21 phone starts at $ 800, a 20% discount from last year’s equivalent model. The latest Galaxy Fine features a new design for the camera module, with more photography options, more privacy controls, and a promise that Samsung will last at least a day before it needs to be recharged.

The other two phones feature a slightly larger screen, in addition to some other bells and whistles not offered in the base model. The Galaxy S21 Plus will sell for $ 1,000, a 17% reduction from last year’s equivalent, and the Galaxy S21 Ultra will sell for $ 1,300, a $ 100 reduction from last year’s equivalent.

The Ultra model will also be the first Galaxy S phone to work with a Samsung pen sold separately to allow users to draw digitally on the screen. Previously, Samsung only designed the pen for the Galaxy Note model and is aimed primarily at buyers who use these devices to do their jobs, not entertainment or leisure.

All three phones will be available in stores on January 29th, but can be pre-ordered starting Thursday.

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