San Francisco Uber driver allegedly refused to wear masks assaulted by passengers | US News

Attack on San Francisco After a video of the incident was released on Tuesday, a weekend Uber driver was angry with passengers allegedly refusing to wear face masks.

The incident occurred in the city on Sunday after driver Subhakar Khadka picked up three women. With a 43 second video clip taken with Khadka Post On Twitter by local media, an unmasked woman behind the car can be seen coughing and screaming on Kadoka’s face. A few seconds later, the woman took Kadoka’s cell phone from her hand and removed the mask from her face. She and another passenger kept yelling at the driver and threatened to beat him. Khadka claims that one of the passengers got out of the car before spraying the pepper.

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South Asian driver Subhakar Khadka says he believes he was targeted for his race. He picked up three women yesterday afternoon at Bayview on San Bruno Avenue.

March 9, 2021

“You are animals that treat other humans like this,” Kadoka said. Local news outlet KPIX..

Khadka says he was assaulted after trying to drive the group out of the car because he refused to comply with Uber’s masking policy, which requires passengers to wear face covers while riding. Kadoka, who told KPIX that he was from Nepal and has lived for eight years, also said he believed he was attacked because of his race and accent.

“If I had a different complexion, I wouldn’t have been treated by them. The moment I spoke open, they realized I was one of them, so they called me. It’s easy to intimidate, “he told the outlet in an interview.

The incident comes as the San Francisco Bay Area considered Attacks on older people in Asia, And violence against Asian Americans Rise nationwide during the pandemic..

so Video posted on InstagramThe unmasked woman admitted that it was wrong to cough with Kadoka, but she and her because Kadoka tried to kick them out in a strange place and refused to wait for a new rideshare to arrive. He said he was afraid of the safety of his fellow passengers.

both Uber And Lyft I tweeted that the rider was permanently removed from the platform.


The incident was not related to the Lyft platform, but the driver’s unacceptable treatment in this video forced the rider to be permanently excluded from the Lyft community. Driving in a pandemic is not easy. Wear masks, respect each other and be good people.

March 9, 2021

The incident, along with Uber’s compensation for Khadka, reportedly provided the company with only $ 20 to cover cleaning fees and then raised it to $ 120. Their work is more dangerous.

Tuesday, Cyan Banister, early Uber Investors have launched Khadka’s GoFundme fundraising campaign. This allows him to remove the pepper spray residue from the car and make up for the lost wages.

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Update: Early Uber Investors @cyantist It was started @gofundme For Subhakar. She was shocked to learn that Uber initially offered $ 20 and eventually $ 120 to his experience.

March 9, 2021

San Francisco Uber driver allegedly refused to wear masks assaulted by passengers | US News

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