Sand dollars keep tourists coming back to Anna Maria shop – Tampa, Florida

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Anna Maria, Florida — It’s hard to visit a beach vacation like Anna Maria Island without bringing back one or two souvenirs. There is one family-owned company that encourages families to make their own, not just sell souvenirs.

From San Diego to Long Island to Kansas City, you’ll find families across the map drawing taconomakura at the Shiny Fish Emporium seven days a week.

“I’ve always heard from my family that this is an activity I couldn’t wait to come back to,” said co-owner Rebecca Preston.

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“When I see a lot of kids coming back each year, I can see them grow up, so I have this wonderful feeling that you are part of their experience,” said the co-owner. Dan Novi said.

The Rebecca and Dan couple have owned a Pine Avenue shop for almost 10 years, custom-designing everything from surfboards to T-shirts to magnets.

“I really wanted to be part of the community, and I wanted to be part of people’s vacation memories and just fun,” Preston said.

They’re constantly adding new things to the shelves, but Preston said that taconomakura has always been at the heart of their business.

“I drew and sold taconomakura before the store opened. I thought it would be a lot of fun for everyone to be able to do it themselves,” Preston said.

Clypeaster japonicum is grown on a farm and pretreated just for painting. The designs that children and adults come up with are often original and reflect time on the island.

“This is a great way to take it home and make a small souvenir to hang on a tree and personalize,” said Stephanie Noonan of San Diego.

Rebecca and Dan have always received thank-you notes from past visitors. This family-owned company says dollars in dollars. It was their loyal customer base that highlighted them during the pandemic.

“We call them shiny fish friends, shiny friends. They were just great support and let us go through,” Preston said.

Sand dollars keep tourists coming back to Anna Maria shop Source link Sand dollars keep tourists coming back to Anna Maria shop

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