Sanders’ minimum wage effort seems destined as Covid’s bailout vote goes through the night | US Senate

Intense speech and final effort Bernie Sanders Securing a place to raise the federal minimum wage with the $ 1.9 trillion coronavirus rescue package looks as good as it was destined for Friday, the day after the flagship bill was delayed in crushing in the Senate. I did.

Senate leaders and moderate Democratic senator Joe Manchin reached an agreement late Friday over emergency unemployment benefits, breaking a nine-hour log jam.

The compromise, announced by West Virginia lawmakers and Democratic aides, paved the way for the Senate to launch a series of climax marathon votes and ultimately approve a drastic bill.

The Senate then faced a vote on a mountain of amendments, centered on a Republican proposal that was virtually certain to fail. More importantly, the unemployment allowance agreement suggested that it was only a matter of time before the Senate passed the bill. It sent it back to the House of Representatives, which was expected to give Congressional final approval before whipping it to Biden for his signature.

Shortly before midnight, the Senate began picking up amendments in a rapid manner. Republican The main purpose was to force Democrats to vote politically awkward. It was unclear how long the “vote-a-rama” would last.

By dawn on Saturday, Senators had worked on about 12 amendments, including an amendment from Maine Senator Susan Collins, and exchanged a $ 650 billion alternative by Republican Centrist. That and other fixes have failed, including a fix from Montana Democrat John Tester in the Keystone XL pipeline.

One proposal from New Hampshire Democrat Maggie Hassan required schools to plan publicly available face-to-face instruction within 30 days of receiving money from the bill. Biden’s package appeared to be designed to fend off Republican criticism that it wasn’t enough to quickly reopen school.

Progress was slow on Friday afternoon. But Senate majority leader Chuck Schumer said The Chamber of Commerce said it would finish the job.

“The Senate will get a lot of votes,” Schumer said. “But we’re going to implement and complete this bill. Americans rely on us and our country depends on it.”

Early Friday, Sanders He called on Congress to raise the federal minimum wage to $ 15 per hour within the bill, and called it “shameful” that tens of millions of lawmakers were allowed to live on “hunger wages.”

“In the United States, you can’t survive for $ 7.25 an hour, $ 9 an hour, and $ 12 an hour,” he said. “We need an economy where all workers at least earn a living wage … Work in the United States should rescue you from poverty and free you from poverty.”

Last week, Senator decided that it was unacceptable to raise the minimum wage to $ 15 per hour under special budgetary procedures. Democratic Party Is using it to pass a $ 1.9 trillion bailout bill in party-line voting, avoiding filibuster with 60 votes in a 50-50 split chamber.

Sanders, supported by progressives in the House of Representatives, called on Democrats to “ignore” the decision. He also filed a strong proceeding to enact a bailout bill.

“This is a bill that answers deep questions. Do we live in a democratic society? US Congress Do you meet the needs of wealthy and large corporations and their lobbyists, as well as working families? ” He said.

The day after Vice President Kamala Harris, debate, voting, and closed-door horse trading began in earnest. He broke the Senate tie and allowed the Chamber of Commerce to pick up the bill.

Following Sanders’ speech, eight Democrats joined and voted for all Republicans. Progressivists who oppose the minimum wage proposal and vow to continue their efforts in the coming months have suggested that they will face a difficult battle.

The Sanders amendment was ready for defeat, but the vote remained open as the Democratic Party scrambled to come up with an unemployment allowance arrangement. The House of Representatives-passed bailout bill provides $ 400 a weekly emergency unemployment allowance in addition to regular state payments. August.

Senator Democrats said a compromise with moderates revealed earlier Friday would reduce the amount to $ 300 a week, but extend it until early October. Sponsored by Delaware Senator Tom Carper, the plan also reduces taxes on unemployment benefits by exempting $ 10,200 in personal benefits. The White House said it supported the amendment.

But by noon, lawmakers said Manchin was ready to support a less generous Republican version. It led to hours of talks involving White House aides, Senate Democrats, and Manchin. The compromise, announced on Friday night, will offer $ 300 a week, the final check will be paid on September 6, and will include a tax cut on benefits.

The long standoffs highlighted the headaches the leader will face over the next two years and the tensions between progressives and centrists. If Republicans do not pass through the aisle, only one Democratic departure is required to block legislation or stall voting.

“I feel sick with Joe Manchin. I hope the Geneva Convention applies to him,” John Thune, South Dakota’s Second Senate Republican, told reporters.

The overall bill, which aims to fight the killer virus and restore the staggered economy to good health, offers most Americans direct payments of up to $ 1,400. There is also money for Covid-19 vaccines and tests, support for state and local governments, support for schools and the aviation industry, tax deductions for low-income families and families with children, and health insurance subsidies.

Despite deep political polarization and strong Republican opposition, the bill has attracted widespread public attention. A A poll at Monmouth University found that 62% of Americans were approved, including more than three out of ten Republicans.

That’s what Republicans want to erode by describing the bill as too big and representing wasted spending for a nearly-finished pandemic.With Biden Federal Health Expert But this week, the state has abandoned Mask’s obligations and said it is in a hurry to fully resume its business. The move was premature and risked causing a fourth fatal surge.

Sanders’ minimum wage effort seems destined as Covid’s bailout vote goes through the night | US Senate

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