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Sandy Liang opens its first physical store in New York

New York-based fashion brand Sandy Liang has opened its first physical store on the Lower East Side. The label has created a playful, community-focused space in the former laundromat.

Sandy Liang’s in-store debut combines minimalism with capriciousness-Photo: Jonathan Hökklo

The 1,500-square-foot store on 28 Orchard Street will showcase a quirky collection produced by the brand’s eponymous designer. Known for her signature fleece jacket, trendy babydoll dresses and eye-catching original prints.

Planned by Liang’s partner design firm Almost Studio, the site combines minimalist aesthetics with a whimsical nostalgic nod to the personal history of the designers in the neighborhood where the family has lived since the 1970s.

The metal mesh curtains and stainless steel surface are combined with pink walls and are still marked with measurements from the beginning of the construction process, as required by the beams.

The checkout counter is made of green marble slabs that Liang found in his father’s storage unit, but most of the dressing room furniture comes from the local store Coming Soon. In addition to childish playfulness, the store’s swirling metal clothing rack was designed by Almost Studio to resemble a playground set.

Talk to trend Regarding the store’s design process, Liang explained that it was the most fun to think about how his work would fit in the space.

“I know what my clothes look like, but what does the space look like that I designed or that incorporates my aesthetics? It’s a miscellaneous thing. Turned out to be, “she said. “It’s me and the nostalgic element of my brand, but it’s also witty and local to express.”

As reported by trendThe designer plans to hold a neighborhood event in the store as soon as safety is confirmed, mentioning the possibility of a pop-up market with Court Drive and local businesses. She will also make a special piece for the place.

Liang, who founded the label in 2014, was a finalist of the 2017 CFDA / Vogue Fashion Fund. Earlier this year, she released her first shoe collection as part of a collaboration with Vans.

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Sandy Liang opens its first physical store in New York

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