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Santa school in Colorado reported less than half their usual size – Colorado Springs, Colorado

Colorado Springs, Colorado 2021-11-24 18:49:39 –

Centennial, Colorado — Things are already festive on the streets of Southglenn Mall, Colorado.

They start the holiday season at the Christmas parade. And everyone is waiting for an honorary guest. Santa.

“Exciting, thrilling and magical. Children are at the heart of Christmas magic,” said Susen Mesco at an American event and promotion.

Susen Mesco wears Mrs. Claus’s costume when helping Santa in the holiday parade.

She also runs Santa’s school and knows that booking Santa for this year’s holiday party can be difficult.

“Usually we live about 60 Santas. They start in class in February,” Mesco said. “For the past few years, for those who don’t want to be in travel and conference situations, we’ve found about half the registrations of the Klaus clan.”

The labor shortage affecting the whole country seems to be spreading to the Arctic.

“Seasonal labor is traditionally in the same target market, which is difficult to hire,” said Jack Buffington.

He runs a supply chain program at the University of Denver and states that it is not shocking that labor issues are affecting Centnick.

“You think about it, it’s like a four-hour seasonal shift, earning $ 20, $ 30 per hour. That means most of the people, especially in this category, are in public, in large numbers. That’s ok, given the fact that it’s not supposed to be around people, or people who haven’t been vaccinated, “says Buffington.

Mr Mesco said Santa’s shortage was only part of the problem.

“More people want to have a party this year,” she said.

Due to rising demand, trying to hold a party on the weekend of December can cause problems finding Santa. But of course, Mrs. Klaus has a solution.

“Tuesday nights can be enjoyed as well. S’mores and cookies are as delicious on Tuesday nights as Saturday nights, so if people are flexible, Santa will be at all of those parties. You will be able to achieve that, “Mesco said.

Like everything else we’ve done over the last year and a half, a little flexibility helps a lot.

And this year may not be as shocking as Santa’s shortage.

“I don’t know why everyone is so surprised. There is only one Santa Claus,” said one of Santa’s elves.

And there is one night. He should definitely be available.

“Boys and girls, if you’re fine, remember that Santa is there on Christmas Eve no matter what happens,” Mesco said.

Santa school in Colorado reported less than half their usual size Source link Santa school in Colorado reported less than half their usual size

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