Sarah Drew will love the “Grey’s Anatomy” spin-off with Jesse Williams

More Japril is ready! Sarah Drew I am boarding with a possible idea Grey’s Anatomy A spin-off following her character, April Kepner, and Jesse Williams‘Jackson Avery.

“Yes! So, everyone, how cool is the show?” Drew, 40, Told reporters Following her on Friday, May 7th Return to ABC series For one episode that aired on Thursday, May 6th. I’m on Twitter and I think Japril was all the rage all day long. It was an absolute madness. “

The· Cruel summer The star, while she shoots her Glaze In the episode, she came across a crew member who thought she might be there to shoot a new show about the doctor’s love Jackson in April.

Jesse Williams and Sarah Drew. ABC / Richard Cartwright; Shutterstock

“They were like,’Oh, I thought this was a spin-off.’ It feels like they’re ready for a really great trip,” she recalled. “And I was like” I know. ” How wonderful and needed a show on racial justice, inequality and equality in the medical field. How wonderful is that? “

Between Thursday episode GlazeFans saw Williams character Jackson decide to leave Grace Lawn Memorial Hospital and take over the family foundation in order to create “true racial equality in medicine” in Boston.

Japril Sarah Drew teases Jesse Williams and Grey's Anatomy spin-off series
Jesse Williams and Sarah Drew. ABC / Richard Cartwright

Following his decision He had his ex-April and heartfelt heart, He shares his daughter Harriet. During the chat, Jackson asked April and his daughter to travel with him. That was when April revealed that she had left her husband.Bullying left fans Expecting the pair to reconnect forever Bringing the possibilities of actor spin-offs to life.

“I have to say that I was so excited to see the episode last night because Jesse Williams just went crazy and killed him. His passion for all of this is so beautiful and stunning in his performance. “I’m shining,” Drew said on Friday. “But I just kept thinking,’How cool is this couple? He works from the standpoint of having the money and the power to make that change. And she Working with people who are experiencing the homeless, she also does it in her own way. These two may change the world of medicine? I want to see the show I will. “

Drew is finished Grey’s Anatomy After season 14. Her May reunion shows her first appearance on the show since her departure in 2018. Marked the beginning of Williams’ farewell For ABC drama. The final episode from Chicago will air on May 20th.

Williams, 39, confirmed his withdrawal from the long-term series on Thursday and said: deadline, “As an actor, director, and person, I was very fortunate to learn a lot from many. Thanks to the beautiful fans who are infusing a lot of energy and gratitude into our shared world. The experience and patience that comes from making a world-leading television for nearly 300 hours is a gift I always have. I am very proud of our work and influence. We are proud to move forward with so many tools, opportunities, allies, and dear friends. “

What’s the future of Drew and Williams’ television alter ego? Mom’s night out The actress wants more.

“I wasn’t shy I want to finish Japril.. That’s what I’ve always wanted, “she admitted on Friday. “One of the biggest pains I left in Season 14 was that they couldn’t finish late. That was one of my biggest pains when they went to Boston. Who knows what will happen? I think there is great hope there. “

Grey’s Anatomy Broadcast on ABC Thursday at 9 pm EST.

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Sarah Drew will love the “Grey’s Anatomy” spin-off with Jesse Williams

Source link Sarah Drew will love the “Grey’s Anatomy” spin-off with Jesse Williams

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