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It looks like time hasn’t passed! The “Sex and the City” BFF is back together again for the next chapter of the franchise. SJP has the first sneak peak of reunion!

I said “together again” Sarah Jessica Parker On her Instagram when she shared what she was waiting for on June 11th with the world Sex and the city Revival series, Just like that, Sarah took care of her OG co-star and rode a friend or died. Cynthia Nixon And Kristin Davis, New York skyline is perfectly placed in the background. She shared a photo as the woman was preparing to take on the roles of Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte again!

“Read through our first episode,” she continued with the caption. “With all our friends and our latest cast members. Like Ice Cream Sundae.” The Continued story We welcome many of the cast members who love the original series. Just recently, it was confirmed that all of the women’s loved ones are back. HBO Max has confirmed the following: Chris Noth Will replay Mr. Big’s role, David Eigenberg As Miranda’s husband Steve, and Evan Handler As Charlotte’s adorable hub, Harry Golden Brat.

Not coming back is the iconic fourth member of Sex and the city Fab Four Kim Cattrall As Samantha Jones.After a very open and brutal dropout with Sarah, it Confirm early Kim wouldn’t replay her role in the series.She doesn’t talk directly Sex and the city Revival, she liked tweets written by fans. “I absolutely love Sex and the city It’s sad that Samantha doesn’t come back, but I praise him for doing the best for you, and this is [a] It’s a good example of putting yourself first, “the tweet read.Nothing has been said yet about how Samantha’s absence will be dealt with. And just like that..

The· Sex and the city Resurrection, And just like thatIt hasn’t been released yet, but it will air on HBO Max and will arrive on the platform in 2022.The plot remains tightly obscured, but SJP reported Vanity Fair In early 2021 after the show’s announcement that she was excited to explore the life of Carrie in her 50s.

“I’m very interested and excited to see how the writer imagines these women today,” she said. “What is their relationship with social media? What has changed?” Sarah wondered (intended to be a pun) as Miranda and Charlotte became teenage mothers. Where is she professionally for Carrie, who has no family beyond her friendship? How did all of these political changes affect her work? Is she still writing a column? Did she write any more books? Or does she have a podcast? What does fashion mean to her? How did friendship change, did it not change? Also, has her social circle grown? “

Sarah Jessica Pay Car Shares First “Sex and the City” Reboot Photo Cast – Hollywood Life

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