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Tampa, Florida-Jury Trial Admits Local Doctors and Former Medical Representatives Convicted of Conspiring to Pay and Receive Kickback in connection with Prescribing Highly Addictive Fentanyl Spray I did.

Federal prosecutors called it a “prescribing bribe” that began in 2012.

ABC Action News I team We first reported on Dr. Stephen Chun in 2019 after discovering through federal data that pharmaceutical company Insis paid more than $ 275,000 between 2013 and 2015.

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Insys Therapeutics manufactures a drug called Subsys, a fentanyl spray. Insys talked to Dr. Chun about opioids and paid to educate others, but the federal government sent more medicine to more patients and the “speaker program” that Chun was part of. Responsible and company said it was a “fake” designed to fill the sales pocket.


Subsys, fentanyl spray

Prosecutors allege that the kickback plot affected Sarasota’s pain management doctor’s prescription, was fueled by Insys, and was carried out by then-sales representative Daniel Tondre, who had Dr. Chun on his territory. bottom.


The government said payments were illegal rebates and bribes, forged sign-in sheets, copy and paste of signatures, and low attendance by friends and family alone to the speaker program. When the payment came in, the federal prosecutor showed that Chun’s prescription was up.

In a statement emailed to I-Team in 2019, Dr. Chun said, “The presentations of these speakers did not affect my prescribing habits at all. I always concentrate on my patients. And have provided the best medical care. “

“He couldn’t get a bribe,” Chun’s lawyer said, believing in the product Subsys and claiming that the drug was in the best interests of the patient. She said she was unaware that Insis was tracking prescriptions paid in whole or in part by Medicare.

Dr. Stephen Chun.png


Dr. Stephen Chun

Tondre’s lawyer said in his closing argument that he was under pressure from Insys for “out of control of the kickback fraud plan.”

A federal prosecutor mentioned Mr. Chung and gave a text in court stating, “I know he’s a few, he’s working on it.”

Daniel Tondre.png


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“This is about patients,” the government said in closing arguments in the proceedings against Tondre and Chun.

After leaving the court, I-Team asked Chun if he had a message for the patient.

He said, “You know, I’m very disappointed with the verdict, so talk to my lawyer about it.”

Neither Chun nor Tondre’s lawyer commented.


Chun and Tondre

  • Convicted of colluding kickback and bribe payment and receipt in the form of speaker fees in return for prescribing Fentan Spray Subsys
  • Convicted with 5 separate counts of payment and receipt of kickback on a particular date
  • Up to 5 years of punishment in federal prison for the number of plots
  • Up to 10 years imprisonment for each substantial kickback breach


  • He was also convicted of two identity verification scams related to a fake speaker event.
  • Up to 5 years imprisonment for each ID fraud case

The United States is also seeking a monetary judgment on the amount of kickback revenue. A sentencing trial is not yet scheduled.

The FBI, US Department of Health and Welfare — Directorate General of Inspection, Defense Criminal Investigation, and US Prosecutor’s Office for opioid fraud abuse and detection units have investigated the case. The unit “focuses on opioid-related fraud and abuse by medical and healthcare professionals who have contributed to the prescription opioid epidemic.”

HHS-OIG: Submit a complaint..

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