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Sarasota, Florida (CW44 News At 10) – A man in Sarasota, charged with murder, died on May 13 after lawmakers quarreled loudly on May 5.

Nicklaus Williams, 26, was charged with murder on Wednesday, June 9.

Photo courtesy of Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office

The agent reportedly called the 911 at 8:30 pm on May 5, after witnesses called 911 and reported that the suspect had yelled, shouted, and threw furniture and appliances. Responded to an apartment along Beneva Road. When the agent arrived, they told the agent that she and the suspect Williams were involved in a turmoil that broke some items in the apartment.

Victims explained that Williams left home after the debate and no crime was committed. Two hours later, the victim dialed 911 and reported that Williams had returned to his apartment and slammed the victim’s head against the wall during another quarrel.

The agent found the victim down the street from an apartment where she had a large hematoma above her eyes. The victim was treated by medical personnel but refused to be transported to the hospital. Congressmen found Williams and detained him on May 6 for felony batteries, criminal mischief, and resistance to non-violent arrests.

The victim was admitted to the hospital on May 13 after suffering complications from internal bleeding, final necrosis, and head trauma that caused some surgical procedures. The victim died on May 29. According to both hospital staff and the prosecutor’s office, the victim’s head injury eventually caused her death.

The detective charged Williams with the murder. He has been detained since May 6 and is no longer detained. Williams was previously arrested for batteries, robbery, property damage, theft and more.

The victim’s family chose Mercy’s Law, which gives the victim the right to privacy. Therefore, her identity is kept secret.

Sarasota Man Charged With Homicide – CBS Atlanta Source link Sarasota Man Charged With Homicide – CBS Atlanta

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