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Sarkar Wada

                                     Sarkar Wada

The state of Maharashtra, India is one state in India where one can find a little bit of everything ranging from cultural heritage to historical structures, temples, natural beauty etc. One very famous aspect about this place is its grand and majestic historical background. Maharashtra was home to the valiant Maratha Empire. The reign of this empire is a matter of pride for the entire nation. Some very powerful rulers have graced the soil of this state and brought about many changes. One of the most important rulers includes the Peshwas who has ruled over the Maratha Empire for centuries. There still exists several structures constructed by these rulers till date. Some of these are in ruins while others stand tall and strong. These structures were made for carrying out different functions. They had political and strategic and significance. While some were made for their comfort and luxury. One such structure is the Sarkar Wada housed in the city of Nasik. Nasik is home to several structures constructed by the rulers of the Maratha Kingdom. Sarkar Wada adds an extra edge to the historical abundance of this city.

More about Sarkar Wada

Sarkar Wada was constructed by the Peshwas who ruled the Maratha Kingdom till the 18th century. This stone used for making this structure was brought from Ramshej. Sarkar Wada was home to the Peshwas. It has been renovated by the Archaeological Survey of India. It has come up as a major tourist attraction in Maharashtra.

Architecture of Sarkar Wada

The architecture of Sarkar Wada is splendid. The wooden beams and pillars supporting this entire structure is beautifully carved. There exits huge courtyards decorated with carefully crafted wooden beams at Sarkar Wada. These details makes one really appreciate the skill and craftsmanship of the people belonging to that era.

The efforts made by the Archaeological Survey of India make the visitor appreciate a walk in and around the Wada effortlessly. The intricate carvings on the walls of Sarkar Wada looks mesmerizing. No wonder this place was home to the mighty rulers of the Maratha Kingdom. Every little detail of it is unique in itself.

What to do when at Sarkar Wada

Sarkar Wada is a heaven for lovers of history and also for people who love to visit historical and ancient structures. A huge crowd gathers here on a daily basis. While walking around this place one’s imagination escalates to some other world. The very ambience of Sarkar Wada gives one a reflection of the grand centuries left behind. One falls in love with history and its marvelous characters.

Sarkar Wada also gives one ample opportunities to click some very one of its kind pictures.

One can enjoy a jovial architectural walk around this palace with one’s near and dear ones. The architecture of this structure is such that it dissipates peace and calm in its surroundings. One can enjoy idle walks and talks while appreciating the beauty of this palace.

A Tourist’s Guide

Sarkar Wada is open on all days of the week. Entry is not ticketed here. One can easily reach this place via public or private transport as it is situate din the heart of the city of Nasik. As a result of which access to this historical monument is easy. Bus, cab and auto facility is readily available in and around this place. The nearest railway station from here is Nasik Road Railway Station which is 9.3 km away. The nearest airport from Sarkar Wada is Gandhinagar International Airport and it is at a distance of 8.4 km from here. Finding accommodation is not a big deal in the city of Nasik. One can find a myriad of hotels in here and can book rooms both online and offline.

Sarkar Wada is one of the preserved and existing legacies of the reign of the Peshwas. One must visit this structure once in one’s lifetime so as to celebrate and appreciate the glory of our past. The standing structure of the Sarkar Wada is testimony to the fact that a kingdom of that length and breadth once existed and had brought about several prominent changes. A visit to Sarkar Wada will definitely be a captivating experience.

Vaagisha Singh

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