Sarpy County Welcomes New Juvenile Court Judge – Omaha, Nebraska

Omaha, Nebraska 2021-12-03 07:00:00 –

Judge Jonathon D. Crosby’s recent investiture was a family case at Sarpy County Hall.

The new judge was sworn on November 12, before his academic and professional career, and many familiar faces from every stage of his personal life.

“I want to thank everyone who came here,” Crosby said in an investiture. “Looking over the crowd is a surreal experience. If my life was a book, there are many pages in front of me.”

In addition to his wife Sarah and sons Jona, Eli, and Abe, Crosby’s parents, brothers, aunts, uncles, and parents-in-law came to celebrate with him.

Crosby was also pleased and humbled by the presence of his old high school, college, law school friends, colleagues who worked together in Seward County and Omaha, and the judge he is currently working with.

“I want everyone to know that I’m deeply moved by the fact that you spend this time with me,” Crosby said. “Judge, I was very happy, impressed and awe-inspiring. You spent this time with me over time.”

Crosby spent the first decade of his career as a Deputy County Attorney and Assistant City Attorney at Seward County and the Omaha Public Prosecutor’s Office, respectively.

Since 2013, he has practiced Vacanti Shattuck’s juvenile criminal law, representing children and parents in cases of abuse and neglect, and representing juvenile criminals in misconduct cases. He has also been a parental ad writer since 2013.

In her remarks, Seward County lawyer Wendy Elston remembered a young Jonaton Crosby full of enthusiasm and idealism when he began his legal career at a law firm in Seward County.

“He was passionate about working with the boy,” Elston said.

Crosby holds a bachelor’s degree in political science and psychology from Doane University and a PhD in law from the University of Nebraska-Raw College.

In addition to his work as a lawyer, Crosby has been teaching criminal justice courses at the Metropolitan Community College since 2010.

Reminiscent of a young Seward County lawyer, Crosby is enthusiastic and excited to begin his juvenile court judge career.

“I had the most fun of my career on the bench last month or so,” Crosby said. “And I’m not close to second place. I’m excited to go to work every morning. I have energy and passion, but I don’t think it’s gone.”

Crosby was appointed by Governor Pete Ricketts to another juvenile court in Sarpy County in September to fill the vacant seats left by Judge Larry Gendler’s retirement earlier this year.

Sarpy County Welcomes New Juvenile Court Judge Source link Sarpy County Welcomes New Juvenile Court Judge

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