“Saved by the Bell” Season 2 Features Dustin Diamond Tribute

Dustin Diamond on a peasant farm for “Celebrity Big Brother” at Elstree Studios in Hertfordshire, England, September 6, 2013. Jonathan Hodor / Shutterstock

Still in the family. Peacock Season 2 Saved by the bell Debuted on Wednesday, November 24th, featuring the perfect Easter egg for longtime fans of later years. Dustin Diamond..

The first episode of the new season is Zack Morris, a year after the end of Season 1 (Mark Paul Goseller) And AC slater (Mario Lopez) Catch up with the Bayside High parking lot. The duo later became Jesse Spano (Elizabeth Berkley), Lisa Turtle (Lark Voorhies) And Kelly Morris (Tiffani Thiessen) In their old hangout, The Max, I found a “latest addition” to the menu: Spaghetti Burger, Inspired by their peers Delivered by Screech (Diamond) and his robot, Kevin.

“It’s a little weird, but great,” Lisa replies, “It’s like a screech!”

This group recalls some of Screech’s best antiques. Cheers to his memory A montage of his most eccentric moments will be played on the screen.

“I’m still angry that the little dwarf hit me by becoming Miss Bayside!” Lisa jokes.

Zack chimes, “Do you remember when he was psychic for a week after being hit by a lightning strike?”

When Jesse shouted, “And you used his power to cheat in the medium term!” Zack said, “Yes, why didn’t we go to Las Vegas or stop the Gulf War? I will answer.

Diamond depiction screach In all four seasons of the original series aired from 1989 to 1993. He died at the age of 44 in February, a month after he was hospitalized. Stage IV lung cancer..

“He was diagnosed with this brutal and relentless form of malignancy just three weeks ago. At that time, it succeeded in spreading rapidly throughout his system. The only mercy it showed was that. It was a sharp and swift execution, “said his spokeswoman. We weekly After the death of the actor. “Dustin didn’t suffer. He didn’t have to lie in pain. We’re grateful for that.”

“Dustin is a humorous and ambitious individual, and his greatest passion is to make others laugh,” said a person in charge at the time, saying that the star of his later years was “a part of our family and friends’ circle.” He was able to feel and feel the emotions of others as long as he could feel them. The strengths and weaknesses are all in one. “

While his former co-star returned to the Peacock series Diamonds were not introduced In the first season.Earlier this month, Executive Producer Franco Vario And showrunner Tracy Wigfield Outlined their plans to give Californian natives a send-off he deserves.

“I didn’t know him and I never met him. [But] I just wanted to do it just thinking as a fan It ’s not just about posting his picture. Finally, “said Wigfield. variety Prior to the season 2 premiere. “”[The] OG cast member [were] I want to do something. “

The creators recognized the “heavy” feeling that the show was missing work after Diamond’s death. “It would have been wrong that the OG character wouldn’t really admit it and would never meet again in mourning for this character,” Wigfield explained. “I wanted it to appear on the screen, but I just wanted to make sure I was as sensitive as possible. There was a real guy who had people who loved him. I made a joke that hurt someone. I don’t want to say or talk. “

Season 2 Saved by the bell You can stream it with Peacock.

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“Saved by the Bell” Season 2 Features Dustin Diamond Tribute

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