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Slut Vegan One Night Stand

If there’s one thing the Atlantans know about, it’s transportation. Whether it’s around Lenox Square on Saturday or around Piedmont Park on Sunday, spending half a day by car isn’t fun for everyone. Take your precious time back to Clayton County, just 15 miles south of downtown Atlanta. If you’re flying at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, build in hours and enjoy the taste of the world in this South Atlanta community and its up-and-coming local food scene. Unleash the savory sweet taste of authentic Moretamare, swallow a heaping bowl of pho or immerse yourself in the perfect atmosphere at one of the city’s hottest restaurant lounges. Enjoy plenty of free parking and traffic jams at any of these South Atlanta gourmet destinations.

Taqueria La Oaxaqueña

Photo by Kori Carter

Takeria Lao Asakuña

Forget the tacos on Tuesday. After moving to the United States in 1995, you’ll want Mexican food every day after tasting authentic Oaxacan food from Rosalia Lewis, who started her business by selling tamales at a local flea market. Today, she has loyal supporters at the Jonesboro restaurant who come back many times with menus such as appetizing moles, chili pobrano, sopa, goldita, and warash.

605 Mountain Zion Road, Jonesboro

VN Four

From a small town south of Saigon, Khoa Vuong introduces new meals to traditional Vietnamese cuisine daily at this unpretentious Morrow restaurant. These include spring roll starters, delicious vine me sandwiches, vermicelli plates with your favorite protein, or dozens of pho steamed bowls. And don’t forget the spicy dip sauce.

6363 Jonesboro Road, Morrow

Slut vegan

The regular line outside the door here shows how successful the owner Pinky Cole has been in successfully tasting 100% vegan food in a genuine way. Her plant-based burgers and sandwiches are wonderfully sloppy, with cheeky names such as One Night Stand, Dancehall Queen, and Fussy Hussy. The atmosphere is as lively as cooking, with bright and energetic staff lovingly admitting beginners.

164 N. McDonough St., Jonesboro

Georgia cookie gram

Celebrate every opportunity and earn cool points by having the Cookiegrams of Georgia deliver a delicious candy package to the door. Options include oatmeal walnuts, chocolate-covered peanut butter, and white chocolate macadamia. All of these are made from scratch every day at this Forest Park Bakery. You can also pre-order and receive cookies for parties, business meetings, or weekly afternoon treats.

1124 Main St., Forest Park

Golden Crust Caribbean Restaurant

Do you get lost in work weeks on exotic Caribbean islands like Aruba and Barbados? At least go to Hampton and dine at the Golden Crust, a fast casual restaurant that cooks everything from jerk chicken wings and fried plantains to curry goats and blaze oxtails. The golden crust franchise is best known nationwide for its classic Jamaican meat patties.

11274 Tara Blvd., Hampton

The best country donuts

Early birds catch worms in the best country donuts. If you arrive too late, you may miss some of the tastiest donuts you’ve ever tasted. Freshly baked daily, they are rated 5 stars, according to patrons who have been to this homely Forest Park shop for over 20 years. You can also order fritters, bagels and croissants, but don’t go out without trying one or more donuts. You will not regret it.

4746 Jonesboro Road, Forest Park

Golden Gate Chinese Restaurant

At this family-run decades-old Chinese restaurant in Forest Park, you can choose between Mandarin-style favorites such as Sesame Chicken and Egg Fuyon, or Cantonese dishes such as Roast Duck and Salt and Pepper Squid. You can literally choose from so many dishes that you may need all day to decide what to order.

4353 Jonesboro Road, Forest Park

Thai taste

Thai taste

Former owner Sida Cordova has been running this Thai dining room for over 20 years. But her presence is still felt as she and her new owner continue to serve the Jonesboro people beyond genuine curry, noodle soup, and rice dishes. Thai taste has moved several times during its lifetime, but loyalists trek no matter where it is.

121 Jonesboro Road, Jonesboro

Boba theory

It takes too many visits to count to determine your favorite drink from Morrow’s Boba theory. In addition to carefully selected coffee, we offer slashes, smoothies and bubble teas that can be topped with flavors such as pineapple, coconut, lavender, tapioca, pina colada and lychee pearls. Boba also offers a variety of pastries in case something needs to be chewed.

1585 Lake Harbin Rd. , Morrow

Fordai Roy

Who is the breakfast pho? Forest Park’s Pho Dai Loi Vietnamese restaurant opens early so you can enjoy the following noodle soup with a zipper at any time from 9:30 am to 9 pm: For Thai Sack (With peach steak and tripe), com tam thit nuong trung ga (With pork slices and sunny side-up omelet), and the following vermilion platter Bantom Nuon (With grilled shrimp). Whatever food you get at any time of the day, it’s guaranteed to be what your taste needs.

4061 Jonesboro Road, Forest Park; 404.363.2423

El Pulgarcito De Centro America

Torta, Carnitas and Horchata are just a few of the Salvador dishes you’ll find in this discreet family-run Riverdale restaurant. But it is their genuine Pupsa, a local dish of El Salvador, that people come back for more. Thick corn tortillas are packed with delicious fillings such as beans, cheese, pork, pumpkin and loroco.

6600 highway. 85, Riverdale


Envegan is redefining takeout. Vegetarians no longer have to settle for the kind of healthy salads in the corner of fast food restaurants if they can get items such as Philly cheesesteak, barbecue sandwiches, and chicken wraps made from meat substitutes. There is none. Know the difference if the word “vegan” wasn’t part of the name of this Morrow restaurant. Regular customers praise the spicy buffalo cauliflower most loudly about “winning” (like wings).

1626 Lake Harbin Rd. , Morrow

Escobar South Restaurant and Tapas

Escobar South Restaurant and Tapas

The fact that Morrow’s Escobar location and the original location of downtown Atlanta are shared by Atlanta’s rapper 2 Chainz tells us almost everything you need to know about this exhilarating and hip restaurant and lounge. must. Therefore, it must be open until 1 am daily. When you’re not looking at the glittering crowd, enjoy the taste with executive chef Defon Robinson’s catfish and grits, chicken and sausage gumbo, dark salmon BLT, and other fascinating dishes.

1140 Mountain Zion Street, Morrow

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