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SC Governor’s Juvenile Justice Advisory Council meets in Columbia – Valley Stream, New York

Valley Stream, New York 2021-06-11 17:49:57 –

Columbia, South Carolina (WSPA) — A state-wide task force is considering what changes need to be made to help young people at risk in South Carolina.

The Governor’s Juvenile Judiciary Advisory Board met on Friday morning. The council advises the governor and lawmakers on how policies affect juvenile justice.

The council said it wanted to prevent children from slipping through the cracks in South Carolina.

During the meeting, South Carolina Child Advocacy Director Amanda Whittle raised a lack of resources for children with severe mental illness. Whittle said these children make up a small part of the population of the juvenile justice ministry facility. She said the children should be in a mental health facility instead of DJJ.

She said there was a lack of placement for those children in the state’s private environment as well.

“The concern is that there is no” no-eject, no-reject “facility in South Carolina for children suffering from severe mental illness at the DJJ facility, Whittle said. “

That’s why she recommends a state-owned pediatric psychiatric detention center.

Jay Elliott is the interim chairman of the council. “Our wish is for the council and other agencies to create a system to take these children out of the juvenile justice ministry,” he said.

Another issue the council is studying is how South Carolina treats young repeat-status criminals. These are children who are absent from school or run away from home repeatedly.

Authorities said some of these repeated status offenders would eventually be detained at the DJJ facility. The council said they believed that those children should not be trapped.

Elliott said: Think about what services you can offer to these children to meet their real needs. “

SC Governor’s Juvenile Justice Advisory Council meets in Columbia Source link SC Governor’s Juvenile Justice Advisory Council meets in Columbia

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