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Florence, South Carolina 2021-05-10 20:04:43 –

Columbia, South Carolina (WSPA) — South Carolina is one of two states that have not enacted hate crime legislation and could continue in 2021.

last week, Senate Judiciary Committee voted To send a modified version of Clementa C. Picney Hate Climb Method (H.3620) Go to the Senate floor.

The bill will increase penalties for violent crimes fueled by hatred. Protected classes include race, color, religion, gender, gender, country of origin, sexual orientation, physical or mental disability, and age.

The House Judiciary Committee has added political opinion, or the exercise of individual political rights and privileges, to the legislation.

The South Carolina business community has shown support for the bill. “We don’t want South Carolina to be the last state to pass the hate crime bill,” said Bob Morgan, president and chief executive officer of the SC Chamber of Commerce.

Members of the Chamber of Commerce are pleased that the bill has progressed so far, but he said there is a lot of work to do. He said. “That’s right. It’s good for business and for South Carolina.”

The hate crime bill was passed by the House of Representatives in April with bipartisan support.

Critics of the bill said they were concerned about the impact of the bill on religious groups in the state. Dr. Tony Beam said he was concerned about gender and sexual orientation in the law.

Dr. Beam of North Greenville University told lawmakers that “Christian evangelicals who value the Bible are also under attack. They are guilty of hate speech simply by understanding the sexuality of the Bible. Is considered. “

The hate crime bill 24-page Senate Calendar on Tuesday. As of Monday afternoon, the bill is being contested by nine Republican senators. This means that there is likely to be no floor discussion on H.3620 this week.

“I’m hoping it’s possible and I won’t let go until the Senate resigns Thursday,” Morgan said.

He said he would work with anyone interested in advancing the bill to set goals for next year if the bill does not pass the Senate this week.

Since 2022 is the second year of a two-year session, Senators will resume where they left off in January next year.

SC hate crimes bill faces ‘strong opposition’ in final week of legislative session Source link SC hate crimes bill faces ‘strong opposition’ in final week of legislative session

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