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SC technical colleges offer zero tuition for some students, Upstate employers could benefit – Valley Stream, New York

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Greenville, South Carolina (WSPA) – A representative of Greenville Technical College, in the spring of 2022, students attended any technical college in the state and paid $ 0 for tuition for certain programs (high-demand areas). Said you can pay.

“This new initiative is the result of a recent announcement by the Governor of South Carolina and is available to all 16 colleges of technology we are one,” said Greenville Technical Vice President of Student Services. Dr. Matil Knowles said. College.

“And it’s a great opportunity to help our students. For those who are interested in what we have now and come to us, Greenville Technical College or any technical in the spring semester of 2022. I will come and attend the college without tuition. “

Earlier this month, Governor Henry McMaster announced a $ 17 million investment in the state’s workforce through a new pilot program initiative called the SC Workforce Scholarships for the Future.

“That is, the state received $ 17 million in the spring semester, so each of the 16 colleges of technology will be assigned a certain portion, based on the size of the institution, etc. Interestingly, this phase Spring semester 2022. The Governor has requested that the General Assembly consider additional funding to extend the program for another two years until 2024, “Dr. Knowles said.

School leaders said Governor McMaster called on the General Assembly to fund the US Rescue Planning Act of $ 124 million to extend the program until June 2024.

“This is really for all students. It is a workforce development initiative and is funded by the Governor’s Emergency Education Relief Fund called the GEER Fund, so the focus is on career and technology education programs. I am. The idea is that there is a program that meets the needs that many employers say we have, “Knowles said.

Some employers said there was a shortage of workers now, adding that this initiative would bring hope to them.

Karen Schwartz, Vice President of Operations, said: BonSecours at St. Francis Health System. “Many people said I was tired. I just have to take a break. That’s why the RN shortage continues. There is also a shortage of personal care technician nursing assistants, so Greenville Tech It’s great for us to get a degree because we offer these programs, “she said. “If you look at the impact we’ve seen over the last few years compared to healthcare professionals, I think we’ve seen a pretty serious shortage, and we can offer degrees and training in areas that Greenville Tech can offer.” Schwartz said.

For nursing, registered nurses have a high starting salary of $ 20 per hour, Schwartz said.

“It’s a great professional opportunity for people, and being educated and free of charge is certainly a big boost to our industry,” Schwartz said.

Mike McCormick, technical plant manager at Bosch Rexroth, said this was an industry-wide problem with respect to the lack of skilled technicians.

“Every company is fighting for success. If you can’t succeed here, you’ll find a place to succeed where your talent pool is. So it’s really essential for us to solve this problem. “That’s what Bosch Rexroth’s technical plant manager and vice president, McCormick, said. “A big challenge for our company, and for all companies in high-tech manufacturing of all kinds, is to have a pipeline of talent to bring our factories to life,” he said. “And now, just because the pipeline isn’t there, I can tell you that there are many open positions in every manufacturing industry,” McCormick said.

The email from Greenville Technical College says: more. ”

“These are all high-demand, high-demand areas, and employers are always telling us. We need people,” says Knowles.

“Really we need a consistent talent pipeline from colleges, and this new proposal from South Carolina ensures that we have that pipeline, and students. You don’t have to worry about borrowing money. Should I pay the tuition or put food on the table, “McCormick said.

According to McCormick, students can start their careers with jobs like CNC machines, starting with earning $ 25 an hour.

Regarding the start of the spring semester at Greenville Tech, Knowles says the process is really simple, but he is over 18 years old and has basic qualification requirements such as getting a high school diploma.

“They need to be hired part-time or full-time, take a financial literacy course at a college of technology, or provide 100 hours of community service,” says Knowles. “This scholarship automatically applies to each student’s account, the same if the students are already with us and they aren’t brand new in the spring,” she said.

“In a nutshell, yes. I have a job waiting for me. The employer says it’s okay, are they done? Are they done?” Knowles said.

School representatives said they had heard from Michelin and other employers such as Table 301. They are optimistic about scholarships that increase access to qualified people to get the job done.

Michelin issued this statement to us:

Michelin North America is working with a vocational school, an important resource for the state. We welcome investment in advanced manufacturing education in line with human resources development initiatives in the region.

Michelin North America

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SC technical colleges offer zero tuition for some students, Upstate employers could benefit Source link SC technical colleges offer zero tuition for some students, Upstate employers could benefit

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