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Nashville, Tennessee (WTVF) —According to the Better Business Bureau in central Tennessee and southern Kentucky, fraudsters are targeting job seekers more often during a pandemic.

As unemployment reached new highs during the blockade, fraudsters turned to employer fraud, promising jobs, and money theft.

Robin Householder, President and Chief Executive Officer of BBB in Central Tennessee, said: “It comes with a check. This is a setup fund that helps offset the setup fees that you might have to work from home.”

It happened in Dustin Delaney, southern Kentucky.

He has been unemployed for about two years. He is desperately trying to find a job to support his wife and two children. He jumped at the opportunity when his employer received a message that he had seen his resume on an online job forum.

Delaney said he didn’t post his resume on this particular website.

“I proceeded with the interview, which was nothing but the text of the chat at Zoom,” he said. “So that was the first danger signal. The interview went well.”

The person sent him a letterhead letterhead from the actual company and provided him with a data entry location. The only problem was that the person did not represent the company at all.

Eventually, the person sent a check to Delaney and instructed him to hold $ 350 for himself as a bonus.

“The rest was supposed to send him proof that I had deposited it,” Delaney said. “They say you can block all your personal information. They want the cashier’s receipt you deposited, but I never sent him.”

Delaney realized it was a scam and they stopped responding when he faced the person who contacted him.

The landlord said he would check all boxes of job fraud.

“The number one danger signal for telecommuting is that you get them to pay,” she said.

Delaney said he was back in the job, but his options are slim.

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