Scammers from all over the world are coming to London.And bring your dirty money | Nick Cohen

NSHere, Ben Elliott is a good indication that Britain’s upper class has declined into the world’s wealthiest servants. On the other hand, the Tories co-chair is now a rent collector, Carry money For the Johnson administration Russian rich and native hedge fund boss..

On the other hand, he is a real servant. Sure, it’s a high-class Frankie who has been praised by social magazines for his “puppy-like schoolboy charm,” but it’s still Frankie.Elliott Essentially the founder of the “concierge” service It makes what they want super rich: a luncheon at the iceberg. The Sydney Harbor Bridge was closed due to a proposal. Elliott does nothing, including paying customers and arranging meetings with our future sovereigns. Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, is Elliott’s aunt and does not seem to interfere with him in terms of good shape and manners. Monetize your connections.. It doesn’t look like the prince is interested.In essence advertising interrupts montages of yachts and celebrity shots Quote his Highness “I am especially grateful” to Quintessentially for organizing the party he attended. Members of a typical Elliott club donate to the Conservative Party.Conservative Party gave Elliott £ 1.4 million taxpayer money In 2016, we aim to “attract the right, high-value individual investors to the UK through a bespoke program”. On arrival, the circle is complete if those high-value individuals continue to show how valuable they are by hiring Quintessentially and donating to Tories.

Upstairs has moved downstairs in the wreckage of Tories Day, and most of Britain’s capitalism is now being hired as the best servant to buy for money. Easy wealth from law, public relations, cities, real estate agencies, and banks serving most of the world where it is rewarded to forget Balzac’s warning that unexplained big money secrets are always undetectable crimes. I know that will be brought about.I want an agreed name, so I suggest covering “Corruptistan” Russia And perhaps soon as China learns about the former Soviet nations, the kleptocracy of Africa and the Middle East, and perhaps how the communist elite deports their wealth.

Given the secrets of the financial system, police and regulatory financing, and the defamation law in the UK, no one can tell how many people live in immoral income in the UK. However, two statistics and one citation show a measure of UK dependent culture. Graeme Biggar of the National Economic Crime Center said: “Interfering percentage” of criminal money It is “laundered through the British corporate structure” from the former Soviet Union. Companies House, on the other hand, is a front organization for organized crime. It is welcome for criminals that 335,000 listed companies do not reveal the names of their beneficiaries. And the 4,000 names it seems to reveal belong to children under the age of two after scrutiny.

Last month, Nigerian anti-corruption official Professor Sadik Isa Lada summarized the results of tolerance to theft in the United Kingdom. Opponents of corruption in Nigeria, home to countless online scams? Joke numbers, you might think. But when Britain was described as “the most notorious and safe haven for looted funds in the world today,” Lada said the seriousness of government ministers not being able to get together. The corruption we promote is destabilized Nigeria, and many other countries he may have added.

Last week, a handful of MPs asked why conservatives were so vulnerable to this particular crime. In 2017, they promised the law It will force foreign owners of British property to identify them. (Lada’s main accusation against Boris Johnson was the willingness to allow private and state criminals to anonymously wash wealth through London’s major real estate market.) Since then, this bold “anti-corruption”. I haven’t heard anything about “strategy.”

Similarly, the government wants to stop Companies House from becoming a crime scene where anyone can set up a company without proof of identity or the most rough checks. Even the Conservatives seemed to agree that applying for a passport wouldn’t be more difficult than setting up a shell company. But nothing happened again. The recommendations of the Russian report on money laundering disappeared as soon as they were created.

Of SNP Allison Teuris asked: “Who will benefit from this delay? Is it the oligarchy and the people they donate?” Pat McFadden, Labor Party’s shadow chief secretary, told Conservatives why they were. Asked if they thought, “Their party was a very attractive destination for £ 2 million with a gift from a Russian donor.” Changes should come soon or not at all. Britain has greatly benefited from the wealth of corrupt people. We may soon be at a stage where we cannot afford to get rid of ourselves. So many people are making so much money, and what was once ridiculous has become normal. This is, in my opinion, security services and judges shoulder when oligarchy with ties to hostile foreign powers uses the intimidating costs of the UK’s unreformed legal system to threaten critics. That’s why I shrug. No one likes the difficult question about the guilty secrets of the country. Even men and women who are obliged to ask professional questions. Workers do believe that fraud tolerance is now part of the government’s economic strategy, and the Treasury wants to loosen the protection that exists to compensate the financial services industry for Brexit’s blunder. I am.

Cynical readers may not care as long as Britain can immerse itself in the hot money stream. They need to remember how many times the scammers tried to fleece them. Online scams are the crime you are most likely to suffer, but nowhere in the government’s online safety bill is there a word about fighting scammers thriving on social media platforms. As the Tories began to close their eyes, they realized it was impossible to stop.

While enjoying the rule of law at home, you cannot benefit from economic crimes committed abroad. The presence of global plutocracy servants at the top of government and society shows that Britain no longer cares to even pretend it can.

Nick Cohen is an observer columnist

Scammers from all over the world are coming to London.And bring your dirty money | Nick Cohen

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