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SCAN Group Adopts Telehealth’s “Digital Divide” and Moves Home

As a mission-led organization, the SCAN Group and SCAN Health Plan have sought to solve some of the biggest health care issues. In particular, maintaining the independence and health of the elderly is a major focus.

SCAN Group is a non-profit organization focused on helping older people age. Founded in 1977 and based in Long Beach, California, the SCAN Health Plan is one of the largest non-profit Medicare Advantage plans in the United States, serving more than 200,000 members.

In June, Dr. Sachin Jain became CEO and President of SCAN Group. When Jain, formerly CEO of Aspire Health and Care More Health, joined, I saw the opportunity to address issues that other organizations in that position might not be willing to address.

“I had a great experience leading Aspire and CareMore, but in its bones I felt I could do more for a large-scale written US healthcare system from a very ambitious platform like SCAN. “Jain told Home Health Care News.

Recently, the SCAN Group has been focusing on the “digital divide” through the benefits of HEALH tech.

In the light of the COVID-19 emergency, telemedicine has emerged as an important means of providing care services. For example, home healthcare providers are adopting virtual care more than ever.

Despite the role of telemedicine in providing safe care during a pandemic, the SCAN Group has found that lack of comfort for digital technology is a barrier to receiving these services for some older people. I noticed.

“We recognize the need,” Josh Goode, CIO of SCAN Health Plan, told HHCN. “Our seniors were driven into this digital world. There is a digital literacy gap. I think there are many older people who are tech-savvy, but struggling in the digital world. There is still a considerable population. “

SCAN Group’s HEALHtech benefits provide members with free technical support. This includes setting up email accounts and installing video conferencing technology.

As part of the benefits, the organization also helps seniors learn how to navigate the provider’s online healthcare system.

This advantage stems from the technical support line SCAN Group, which was set up for members after the COVID-19 emergency.

“We have triaged the phones of members in need of support, accessed telemedicine visits and more, and piloted them to take care of them at home from a digital perspective,” Goode said. Stated. “We support them, and it was a huge success.”

The perks are still in the pilot stage, but will be officially available in 2021.

The current acceptance of COVID-19 emergency telemedicine will be a new and normal move forward. By 2020, providers were accustomed to this form of care delivery, according to Jain.

“I think it’s a little unclear in terms of shape, fashion, and how widely adopted it is. [telehealth] I’m here to stay, “he said. “Obviously, reimbursement affects this. We know what will happen in the long run, but … everyone recognizes the need to provide home care and break access barriers. Recognizes how effective telemedicine is. ”

The SCAN Group will continue to prioritize home care.

“We believe the house is the place most people want to stay,” Jane said. “We believe that bad things happen when older people actually leave home and access care. They are exposed to nosocomial infections. There has always been a direction for SCAN. [keeping] Home people. ”

To this end, the organization is in the process of setting up a home-based primary care medical group for the elderly, including home-based hospitals and primary care services.

“We believe that geriatrics is really a medical expert at that time,” Jane said. “Historically, geriatrics has been available to the elderly after having a primary care relationship for some time. As a result, patients who are actually older and transition from primary care to geriatrics. There are few. ”

The SCAN Group is also planning to enter the palliative care space. In addition, the organization is focused on building innovative solutions for the elderly homeless.

SCAN Group Adopts Telehealth’s “Digital Divide” and Moves Home

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