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SCANA CEO sentenced to two years in prison – Valley Stream, New York

Valley Stream, New York 2021-10-11 22:40:18 –

Spartanburg, South Carolina (WSPA) – A South Carolina judge sentenced a former CEO of a failed nuclear power plant to two years in prison as part of a judicial transaction. The hearing on Monday follows last week’s federal ruling.

The two-year ruling lies behind a ten-year ruling that former CEO Kevin Marsh could face if he didn’t work with investigators.

Monday’s text is just part of a very large puzzle about a power plant proposed in South Carolina.

“There’s a reason Mr. Marsh continues to work, and there’s a reason the judge said everything there. Everything he agrees with is behind it.” South Carolina State lawyer Alan Wilson said.

In late 2016, Marsh made false and misleading statements about the SCANA project, which allowed customers to obtain and maintain rate hikes, according to investigators. Judge Mark Hayes of the state court revealed how important it is for Marsh to continue his cooperation.

“What the state and attorney general’s office may ask you for information, you have to be almost clean, you have to be clean, do you understand that? “The State Circuit Court judge, Mark Hayes, said.

As the investigation continues, Marsh plays his part by paying $ 5 million in damages, serving 24 months in federal prison today and continuing to work with investigators in the face of probation for the next three years. I agreed.

“Our office works with federal law enforcement partners and, with the help of Mr. Marsh and other stakeholders, keeps pursuing all the information and all the evidence. We track the evidence and continue to pursue it. We continue to pursue the truth. It didn’t happen to us, “said Wilson.

The court said the company had spent billions of dollars on two South Carolina nuclear power plants that had never generated a watt of electricity.

“This involves South Carolina taxpayers and toll payers. It involves a level of trust,” said Judge Hayes.

Court officials said Marsh and others withdrew that information from regulators to continue the project when Marsh was faced with information that the project was delayed and tax credits were at stake.

This case has state and federal influences. As part of the judicial transaction, Marsh will decide at the same time if he continues to cooperate.

The Attorney General’s office says the case is not over. They use the evidence provided by Marsh to investigate others.

SCANA CEO sentenced to two years in prison Source link SCANA CEO sentenced to two years in prison

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