Scarlett Johansson sues Disney for the release of “Black Widow”

Disney eventually decided to release several major films at the same time in theaters and Disney + Premier Access because of the ongoing threat of the coronavirus. The strategy for May is “CruellaStarred Emma Stone and won $ 221 million worldwide. (Disney keeps Disney + revenues from “Cruella” secret.) On Friday, Disney treats “Cruella” the same way.Jungle cruise, “A comedy adventure starring Emily Blunt and Dwayne Johnson. As a result, it’s unclear if Stone, Brandt, and Johnson have renegotiated their deal with Disney.

In December, WarnerMedia suddenly announced that more than 12 Warner Bros. Pictures, the entire 2021 slate of the studio, would arrive at the theater and HBO Max, respectively, kicking the wasp’s nest. The decision prompted Warner Bros. to make new deals, prompting protests from key stars and their agents over the potential loss of box office-related rewards. Eventually paid about $ 200 million to stop the rebellion.

The deeper question is this: a hybrid model where older line studios no longer try to maximize box office revenue for each movie, instead success is partially determined by ticket sales and the number of streaming subscriptions sold. What happens if you move to? Does that mean how the stars will be paid and where to make the movie?

The traditional model that studios have used to trade high-profile movies for decades is to pay a small fee in advance and share a portion of the revenue from ticket sales. The bigger the hit, the bigger the “backend” payday for a particular actor, director, or producer.

The streaming giant did it differently. Instead of paying the backend, you pay more upfront payments (usually much more). This gives you complete control over your future revenue. This means that you will be paid as if the project was a hit before the project was released (or created).

Johansson’s proceedings also target Disney CEO Bob Chapek and Disney Chairman Robert A. Eiger directly to build Disney + with more than 100 million subscribers worldwide. Cited the stock grants given to them as a reward for. “Disney’s financial disclosure reveals that the very Disney executives who coordinated this strategy will personally benefit from their and Disney’s misconduct,” the complaint said.

According to the proceedings, Johansson’s representative has approached Disney and Marvel in recent months, demanding that her contract be renegotiated. “Disney and Marvel almost ignored Mr. Johanson,” the proceedings said.

Scarlett Johansson sues Disney for the release of “Black Widow”

Source link Scarlett Johansson sues Disney for the release of “Black Widow”

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