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Boston, Massachusetts 2020-12-01 09:22:32 –

The rain and wind on Monday did not disappear completely, but the dry air bisected the storm. The heaviest rains and winds move east of New England, with more than a foot of snow west of Ohio.

The actual storm center is sandwiched between them. The large and vast counterclockwise air circulation still blows southerly winds into New England at 40 mph, providing sufficient moisture and energy for isolated showers and sprinkling. Most of Maine has heavier periodic rains.

Still, Tuesday’s impact is far from Monday. No new wind damage is expected and most of us are only showers.

At the beginning of a calm and humid day, the humidity gradually decreases, but remains calm until late at night. The cool, dry air begins to clear and lasts until Tuesday night. We also send temperatures to people in their 50s at the end of Tuesday, in their 40s in the evening, and in their 30s on Tuesday night.

Wednesday starts with a limited sun. However, the atmospheric energy left over from the storm still causes the bubbling clouds to fill. Snow showers can occur throughout northern New England on Wednesday afternoons.

On Thursdays, enough dry, cold air will take over the sunshine. Meanwhile, a complex and powerful storm system begins to organize over the weekend from the Tennessee River Valley to the Mid-Atlantic.

Initially, the new storm is south enough to avoid New England altogether. In fact, another weak storm that develops from the upper reaches of the Great Lakes to the east plunges along the US-Canada border. Later on Friday, the entire North Country will be covered with snow and showers may occur.

Behind the Friday system, cooler air flows. This means that Saturday can be almost dry and cool. However, the storms that are developing and strengthening along the Mid-Atlantic will throw some showers north of New England by the end of Saturday or Saturday night.

On Sunday, our southerly storm pulls the Mid-Atlantic apart, but big questions remain in its exact orbit. It either passes north through New England (a warm setup with extensive rain showers) or northeast, south of New England or near our coast (raining in southern New England and north). A colder setup than it snows).

The most likely scenario is to provide a rain shower to most of New England, but on Sundays in northern New England it will change to a snow shower and a burst of snow from west to east and from Vermont to main. Perhaps there can be several inches of snow, depending on altitude.

We will update the details over time. In any case, the second half of our exclusive First Alert 10-day forecast is expected to be cool air for most of next week.

Scattered Showers, Light Wind Remains Tuesday as Temps Begin to Drop – NECN Source link Scattered Showers, Light Wind Remains Tuesday as Temps Begin to Drop – NECN

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