SCDOT proposes changes along 10 mile stretch of Hwy 701 to prevent crashes – Florence, South Carolina

Florence, South Carolina 2021-05-27 06:56:41 –

Holly County, South Carolina (WBTW) — SCDOT staff will hold a community meeting to discuss proposed safety improvements along Highway 701, from near the Georgetown County Line to Pitch Landing Road in Holly County. did.

SCDOT plans to make some safety improvements along the 10-mile corridor of Highway 701 to prevent road accident escape.

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During the five years from 2011 to 2015, 165 crashes occurred along the proposed area. 51 of them escaped from a car accident and 14 were fatal or seriously injured.

“Our goal is to make two-lane roads safer,” said Brian Jones, Program Manager for the SCDOT Regional Road Safety Project. “The first part is to keep the vehicle on the road. This creates wide and bright markings, rumble stripes and paved shoulders adjacent to the road. This keeps people on the road. It’s just for you. “

Image provided by SCDOT

Jones said these safety improvements are part of SCDOT’s local road safety program. This is one of the 55 state-wide corridors selected by SCDOT based on the number of crashes that have occurred.

The Local Road Safety Program (RRSP) is a new safety program launched in 2017 as part of SCDOT’s 10-year plan.

“So it’s out of the worst of the worst, it’s in the top tier,” Jones said.

“Safety measures are clearly specified to keep the vehicle on the road and in the lane, so if you get out of the road for any reason, you can safely try to recover,” Jones added. I added.

South Carolina currently has the highest traffic and highway mortality rates in the country, with nearly 60% of fatal accidents occurring on the state’s provincial roads.

Jones said he had no plans to extend the road to a four-lane highway, but said the US701 expansion was mentioned in the GSATS 2040 Metropolitan Transportation Plan.

This project is covered by a state petrol tax. Land acquisition for public roads will begin this fall and construction will begin in the spring of 2023.

Jones said he was still accepting comments and suggestions about the project. You can contact him at JonesBL@scdot.org.

For more information on the project Website here..

SCDOT proposes changes along 10 mile stretch of Hwy 701 to prevent crashes Source link SCDOT proposes changes along 10 mile stretch of Hwy 701 to prevent crashes

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