Scheana Shay about the pressure that bounces after the baby

The pressure to bounce after the baby feels so real Shana Shay.. NS Vander pump rules 36-year-old star celebrating the summer of her fiancé and daughter Block Davis Sit down in april We weekly Share the ups and downs of becoming a new mom.

Just days after the summer was born, Bravostar began filming Season 9 of the reality series, which premiered on Tuesday, September 28th.

“At the beginning of the season, you’ll see much of that story unfold,” Shay explained when asked if he felt pressured to return to his original state after giving birth. “You should never compare yourself to others, but it’s very difficult for me and I have another friend who just gave birth to a baby. [they] It will bounce off immediately. She is crouching in a string bikini and I’m trying to hide, but she still looks cute. “

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Shay seems to mention her co-star Lala Kent, Welcomed daughter Ocean with fiancée, Randall Emmett, March.

“We hold all these theme parties and I’m 10 days after giving birth,” explained the “One More Time” singer. “So it was definitely a challenge for me, but by the end of the season you’ll see me on a crop top. I say that.”

Despite the difficulties associated with her new role, Shay focuses on the best. For example, how to “fall in love more” with 31-year-old Davis every day.

“I’m sure he changed more diapers than I did,” she joked. “I think it only brings us closer and sees how wonderful he is with her and how practical he has been since the first day I was in the hospital. [I wasn’t] I got so sick that the nurse could hug her without looking at me, and he just stepped up and stayed there all the time. “

Shay said We That summer Delivery was “really scary” for her Because of the pre-eclampsia, a pregnancy condition characterized by high blood pressure, they revealed that they would consider a baby No. 2 alternative.

“I will turn my egg into an embryo, consider a surrogate mother, consider adoption, or seize the opportunity,” she explained.

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Scheana Shay about the pressure that bounces after the baby

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