Scheana Shay, Brock Davies Share Romantic Proposal Details

She said so! rear We weekly Confirmed on Wednesday, July 21 It Shanashei And Block Davis Only a day after she was found wearing a diamond ring in Los Angeles, she was engaged. She spills all her tea with a proposal filled with romantic balloons.

Shay, 36, shared a snap shortly after a big moment Instagram Friday, July 23. In the photo, the couple kissed under the arch of white and gold balloons, showing off their new diamonds. There is a large “Marry Me” sign on the arch and the floor is lined with rose petals.

Bravo’s star elaborated on her excitement in the caption. 💍 We are engaged !!! Thank you @brock__davies Make me the happiest girl in the world @kylechandesign Make it the most gorgeous ring ever! # It’s all happening 💍🤍.. “

Block Davis and Shanna Shay at the special screening of “Midnight in the Switchgrass” on July 19, 2021 in Los Angeles, CA. Broadimage / Shutterstock

35-year-old Davis shared another shot of the pair from his opportunity Instagram It has the caption “I need you …”.

The· Vander pump rules Alum Further plate the proposal during the Friday edition of Her podcast, “Scheananigans with Scheana Shay”, Davies and her co-sponsor, Jamie Lynn.. They titled the episode “Love comes first, then ________!”. While announcing the news, the model showed her “huge” engagement ring to the camera on a Patreon recording.

Shay’s ring Designed by Kyle Chan, 12.73 carats of morganite stone and “crushed” additional diamonds around the band. The main stone is a cushion cut, which “looks very good in the light,” Davis added in an episode. “I thought it was big, so I wore it and thought it was’perfect’.”

The founder of Homebody revealed that he cried “happy tears” after he chose the ring to become his fiancé soon, and that they both cried later. Sign a prenuptial agreement..

“I … in my head,” OK, if you get the ring, you can understand everything else … and it hit me … and I was a little tearful, “Davis said in a podcast. It was. “I was happy.”

Bravo’s reality star previously put on the plate that the pair was talking about marriage, especially afterwards. Summer welcoming my daughter, During April.

“So we certainly knew we wanted to make it official sooner rather than later,” she explained. “After we sign the prenuptial agreement, we come upstairs and he walks in the door, and he says,” Oh, wait, summer Your mom is doing something really cute, so I want to surprise it. So please wait outside for a moment. I’m like, “OK, he’s doing something.” “

Davis then blindfolded the podcast host with a tie and took him to the kitchen, presenting her with a “beautifully printed type-out letter with a burnt edge,” like a letter in a bottle.

The letter, which features the edge that Davis burned himself, shed tears from the reality star after reading the first few words.

“So I read it, and suddenly, like Afkin’s Wizard Wizard, he likes to bend over and pull out this huge bouquet,” Shay said.

She said the fitness trainer seemed to be kneeling down at the time, but instead stood up.

“I wanted to take my knees, but I forged her,” Davis blindfolded and chimed her before guiding her to the balcony. When she opened her eyes again, she found rose petals, giant balloon arches, and the “Marry Me” sign all over the balcony before her partner actually knelt down.

“I can’t remember” what Davis said to Shay at the time, but before she said “of course” to his big question, she added, “It was one of the moments when I was emotionally out of power.” It was.

The couple has nothing concrete Wedding plan Not yet, but we’ll be waiting until we can travel again in 2022, so the family of former rugby players can join.

“I’m very happy to share this news,” Shay concludes the 35-minute episode. “I didn’t realize it until last night when I put on my ring for the first time.”

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Scheana Shay, Brock Davies Share Romantic Proposal Details

Source link Scheana Shay, Brock Davies Share Romantic Proposal Details

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