Schitt’s Creek Annie Murphy Holds Hope for Alexis and Ted

See you in the Galapagos Islands?Alexis Rose is gone Schitt’s Creek Single — But that doesn’t mean she won’t reunite with former Ted in the future.

Everything the cast of “Schitt’s Creek” talks about the possibilities of the movie

“I have hope” Annie Murphy Speaking exclusively We weekly While promoting her recent Campaign with Tide. “Maybe it’s one of those relationships they let go of each other, think it’s final, and maybe in the future in each other’s world.”

Murphy, 34, played a daughter who was once self-involved and unaware. Johnny (Eugene Levy) And Moira Rose (Catherine O’Hara) In a 6-season pop TV comedy. Alexis initially relied on Bumpkin’s dating app, but eventually stopped chasing the guy and Find yourself by the end of the series. Together in their last scene, Alexis and Ted (Dustin Milligan) Second split at Café Tropical. While he was accepting a full-time job in Galapagos, she decided to pursue her public relations career in New York City.

Annie Murphy and Dustin Milligan Ian Watson / CBC / ITV / Kobal / Shutterstock

“I think that was the right ending,” said a native of Ottawa. We.. “It was sad to say goodbye to both Ted and Dustin, but I think it was right for Alexis. I think she was on a pretty exciting track in her career. She didn’t take it. I don’t think there is a world, or she won’t dominate the world of PR and will continue her wildest, weirdest and celebrity-studded adventures at the same time. “

Murphy definitely had one of the best character developments on the show.Cast — Also Including co-creators and stars Dan levy — After a historic cleanup at the 72nd Emmy Awards in September 2020, the actress brought her first golden statue home for her role.

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Murphy believes the hair-making team was “very formative for Alexis,” but of course “Little Bit Alexis” was all her. She wrote a bup of the episode titled “The Hospies” in Season 5 and was later released as a single.

What was the last time she sang a pop track? “Imagine I was like’10 minutes ago’,” she joked. “At the beginning of last year’s blockade, we liked a lot of charities, and one of the things I did was a dance tutorial, so I think it was probably a year ago.”

Schitt's Creek Annie Murphy Holds Hope for Alexis and Ted
Annie Murphy Jordan Strauss / Invision / AP / Shutterstock

The finale of the emotional series (Queue Tina Turner’s “Simply the Best”!) Broadcast on April 7, 2020, it attracted 1.3 million viewers and received the highest rating in the history of the show.

Murphy has played two major roles since the show.She participated in Season 2 of Netflix Russian doll Currently shooting AMC’s dark comedy Kevin Can F—k himself..She too Partner with Tide at #TurnToCold A campaign to educate consumers about the environmental benefits of washing with cold water.

“By looking at cold water, it’s not only very beneficial to the environment, but as you know, it’s really important that we all need very much. You need something, but it can save them a really nice chunk of change, for example $ 150 a year, “she explained. We.. “And I don’t think it’s important, especially in these tense times of trials. So I’m very happy to partner with Tide because of these two factors.”

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For Murphy, her laundry day consists of a lot of sweatpants. This is significantly different from what Alexis wears.

“”[My outfits are] Much more lazy. Especially last year. I literally wore jeans for the first time, probably three weeks ago, and when I wore those balloon boots, I was like a dog. It was as if I didn’t know it was my body and it was very unpleasant and very unpleasant, “she said. “My style is much more relaxed than Alexis, especially now. I hope it’s a bit like the Roaring Twenties situation and it’s not that long from now on. I’m going to put up a bit of my style of game, but I don’t say that much, but my sweatpants have spent their time, so I’ll put a little extra effort into the clothes I’m about to wear. “

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Schitt’s Creek Annie Murphy Holds Hope for Alexis and Ted

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