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School aid bill wins final approval in Legislature | Legislature – New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans, Louisiana 2021-06-08 16:30:00 –

The $ 3.9 billion funding plan for public schools was approved by the House of Representatives 98-0 on Tuesday, clearing the final hurdle.

The bill, Senate Simultaneous Resolution 2, passed the Senate without controversy.

The law allows public school teachers an annual salary increase of $ 800 and support workers an annual salary increase of $ 400.

These hiking costs and funding for public schools were included in Louisiana’s $ 37 billion operating budget and were finalized early.

A salary increase costs about $ 80 million.

The coronavirus pandemic that hit the state last year and multiple hurricanes have reduced enrollment in public schools by about 15,000.

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About 700,000 students attend public schools.

The law is based on a second request by the state primary school board.

Under pressure from the state legislature, the state’s Supreme Board of Education approved a revised funding request on Wednesday, including a $ 800 salary increase …

The first was informally rejected by the Senate Board of Education, and lawmakers should submit a new plan to BESE with a $ 800 and $ 400 salary increase instead of the original $ 400 and $ 200 salary increase request. Asked.

The Louisiana Board of Education voted on Tuesday for the state legislature to raise the price of public schools by $ 80 million.

The resolution is sponsored by Senate Board of Education Chairman Cleo Fields and D-Baton Rouge.

School aid bill wins final approval in Legislature | Legislature Source link School aid bill wins final approval in Legislature | Legislature

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