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School Board Chair Rye seeks reelection under new local voting system, faces retired naval aviator Culpepper – The Princess Anne Independent News – Virginia Beach, Virginia

Virginia Beach, Virginia 2022-06-25 10:50:12 –

Virginia Beach Board of Education Chairman Carolyn Lai, elected to represent the Linhaven district, is running for reelection in the new District 8. [John-Henry Doucette/The Princess Anne Independent News]

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Virginia Beach — Carolyn Lai, chairman of the school board, who was first elected to represent the seats in the Linhaven district in 2014, said he would seek re-election to the new District 8 board.

Lai, a corporate trainer and management consultant who has become an educator and math tutor, is one of the other military missions this year from a retired Navy aviator who commanded the Guantanamo Bay Naval Base. We are facing at least one challenge. In Cuba.

David Culpeper, now a commercial pilot living in Little Neck, has filed for action because of concerns arising from issues that are likely to be central to various school board campaigns this year-a district for novels. Reaction Coronavirus pandemic.

“It was during the period when the board chose not to send students to school and keep them wearing masks,” Culpeper said on Wednesday, June 15. .. “

As of Thursday, June 16th, no other candidates had submitted to the district. Independent news According to the city’s voter registration and election department, I went to the press.

Last week, Lai confirmed in an interview that he was seeking to take office under the new district voting system, even though he had still completed the paperwork for the campaign scheduled for Tuesday, June 21st. Did.

“We followed science and respected the mission of supervisors to set up medical committees and who was in office,” said a colleague to chair the pandemic just weeks before the public health crisis. Rye said. Ultimately, Covid-19 became a dividing force in local education and politics.

Culpeper is from Texas. He was a member of the military family and was moving around before graduating from the US Navy School. He holds a Master of Literature degree from the US Navy War University.

Culpeper flew the F-14 Tomcat and F / A-18 Hornet during his career, and he also said he was a “Top Gun” instructor. He commanded an overseas-based squadron and commanded the US Navy base Guantanamo Bay.

Culpeper has been stationed in Norfolk and Virginia Beach for many years, and he and his family built their home on Virginia Beach.

“Of all the places I lived in the world, we chose this place,” he said.

He had a daughter in a high school in a city school, and as a parent, he paid attention to how the school board was run during the Covid-19 pandemic. He added that he disagreed on how the current board responded to the concerns raised by his parents.

“I think the biggest thing is that I don’t like the way the school board is moving forward with parents’opinions,” he said, and authorities listen to parents’ opinions and address concerns. He added that it was necessary.

He said the three pillars of his campaign are to respect parents, make responsible decisions about spending taxes, and focus on core educational priorities.

Mr. Culpeper said his philosophy is “student first, always parents”.

He was concerned about other ongoing issues, such as the availability of inappropriate books in the school library.

Mr. Culpeper said it is important for the board to be accountable to people. “The board should be very confident that they are spending their money carefully and transparently,” he said.

This is his first office run.

Originally from New Jersey, who has lived here since 1998, Lai graduated from William & Mary University and holds an MBA from Fairleigh Dickinson University’s Silverman Business College. She was in Virginia Beach, she worked as a substitute teacher from 2000 to 2014, she served as PTA president twice, and actively participated in PTA at four schools. She is the parent of two graduates of a municipal school living an adult life, and she wants to continue her service to give back and “advance the department.”

According to Lai, priorities include working on employee wages, mental health and district policies. She said the district is working to address compensation, including third-party investigations and committees to improve employee input processes. She also mentioned her work on recommendations by the Mental Health Task Force.

“Good things are happening there,” Lai said. “I want to continue to support you.”

“A passed fair policy nurtures all students,” she added. “There’s a lot of work being done to make a plan, but it’s a derivative of it.”

When she first ran for the office, Lai said, “All the kids were my focus, and there was respect and accountability for the collaboration. That hasn’t changed for me.” She said with her parents. He said he took the involvement seriously and was proud of the leadership of the board and the relationship with the city council. School safety is still a top priority, and she says the school has done a lot while overcoming challenges such as pandemics.

“The number of options offered at the high school level is unmatched,” says Lai. “The academy and professional programs cover the entire range of students with different skill sets and academic interests.”

She said she supported the school’s director, Dr. Aaron Spence.

“It starts with that vision,” Lai said. “I feel that this department, led by the director, has that vision.”

Virginia Beach Local District 8 [Charles Apple/For The Independent News]

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School Board Chair Rye seeks reelection under new local voting system, faces retired naval aviator Culpepper – The Princess Anne Independent News Source link School Board Chair Rye seeks reelection under new local voting system, faces retired naval aviator Culpepper – The Princess Anne Independent News

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