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Bakersfield, California 2021-06-23 00:10:00 –

The Kahn High School District held a second public forum to address the three proposed boundary changes caused by the opening of Del Oro High School in the fall of 2022.

The forum on Tuesday night was held at Foothill High School, but the person who spoke was a nearby neighbor. Most of the speakers who provided public comments were neighbors in southwestern Bakersfield, known as the ladder, now zoned to Bakersfield High School. They spoke in favor of Plan 3 to keep the boundaries intact.

The opening of Del Oro aims to address the overcrowding in the southeastern part of the district. However, according to Roger Sanchez, director of research and planning at KHSD, the district boundary committee has dealt with overcrowding in some parts of the district because there is no immediate plan for another school site after Del Oro. ..

At the forum on Tuesday, Sanchez made a presentation on the Boundary Commission’s three proposals. His presentation also included specific data on how busy the high school was.

Some of the high schools adjacent to Del Oro showed the most overcrowding. Irvine has 660 people, Golden Valley has 622 people, and Miramonte has 510 people. But other similarly overcrowded schools have 670 in Highlands and 655 in Ridgeview.

North High is 25 less than capacity and Stockdale High is 28 more than capacity. Bakersfield High School, where boundaries are the hottest debate, has more than 115 students.

Many of the speakers at the Driller Nation event on Tuesday (current parents, future parents, graduates, future students) testified in favor of Plan 3, which is similar to last week’s event. They talked about the long tradition of the family and buying a home in a particular area of ​​the ladder just to continue that tradition. They appreciated scholars, athletics and extracurricular activities.

However, some commenters expressed dissatisfaction with the Boundary Commission and the process itself.

Marianne Keithley, who was the parent representative of BHS at the KHSD Boundary Committee 15 years ago, said that this year’s committee is half the size of her committee and lacks valuable parental opinion. I said there is.

“I think the process, with its lack of transparency and diminished parental opinion, has led to parental anxiety and distrust of the district and the process,” Keithley said.

Laura Oesch, who currently has a daughter at BHS and is a resident of two Stockdale Estates affected by the change, asked a series of questions in her comments. She asked why the committee did not hold a public forum during the school year when parents are likely to attend. She also asked why the general public was not allowed to ask questions in the forums or hear answers from the district.

“Khan High School can only conclude that we don’t want to answer our questions or make the process transparent,” Oesch said.

One parent who attended opposed Plan 3 because of its impact on the eastern school. Plan 3 redraws part of the Highland boundary that juts south of Highway 178 for Foothill.

Veronica Resendis lives in this area less than a mile from the Highlands. She currently has a daughter there and is affected by the age of 10. She said she wanted her daughter to be in a school near her house.

“Community is important and the neighborhood feels,” she said.

Kali Koston was another unusual voice at the forum on Tuesday who did not speak in favor of Plan 3. She spoke in favor of Plan 1 to promote ideas for nearby schools. Students in these schools usually go to the nearest school.

“I want to spend my money on education, not transportation,” she said.

She said she was speaking as a taxpayer. However, her comments are also based on her experience as a parent who sent students to school Foothill for the program. She said, in a sense, the students missed going to a local school for games and programs in the neighborhood. This is something you don’t want other students to miss.

The final public forum on the proposed changes will take place on Tuesday, June 29th, at 7:00 pm at Golden Valley High School. It’s in the middle of where you can make the biggest changes. The Golden Valley is just a few miles from where Del Oro opens.

The Commission will announce its final plan at the Board of Education on August 2, based on feedback from the general public at these forums. The ultimate goal is to submit a final proposal for board approval at the September 7 meeting.

School boundaries, traditions and transparency come up at KHSD forum | News Source link School boundaries, traditions and transparency come up at KHSD forum | News

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