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Cleveland, Ohio 2021-06-10 11:12:11 –

Sacramento, California (KTXL) — A van driver at a private school in California was involved in a video of beating a student with a tilade containing blasphemous expressions.

Wanda Jackson said her 11-year-old grandson Z’Kai Jackson was despised and beaten by a driver he knew for the past three years.

On Tuesday, Wanda Jackson received a phone call from her grandson’s school saying there was a quarrel between her grandson and the van driver at his school.

“I was disturbed, I was really disturbed. I was upset. I couldn’t even concentrate on my work,” Wanda Jackson recalls.

Z’Kai attends Point Quest Education, a private school for special education students with cognitive and behavioral needs. He said the incident began when he and another student were playing on the iPad and ignored the driver’s request to get rid of it.

“The driver got angry with me and the boy, and he got more angry with me,” Z’Kai recalled.

Z’Kai said it was when he pulled out his cell phone and pushed the record.

In the recording, the van driver said, “You are acting like,’Hey, I’m not around them, so I can act as I like.'” I will. Yes, it is! ”

“You don’t have to blaspheme me that way,” Z’Kai Jackson replies.

“Then you don’t have to f-that’s how it malfunctions in front of me,” says the driver.

“So I had to call your parents every time-when I had to tell you something? It’s the only m that can tell you some s —— —? Parents? “The driver says in the recording.

Wanda Jackson said the driver is a behavioral assistant who is supposed to help students behave.

Instead, the driver is seen in a video screaming expletives several times in front of Z’Kai Jackson and other students before pulling the van and finally becoming physical.

“Tell me one more thing-that!” The driver repeatedly hits the student in the recording.

“It kept escalating and really annoying me when he said,’I should answer me before I hurt you,'” said Wanda Jackson. “I thought that if I put my hand on someone, I would be fired or handcuffed.”

Elena Levin, Director of Point Quest, said: “PointQuest is aware of an incident involving student unacceptable verbal abuse by an employee’s van driver. An investigation is ongoing, but the employee has been dismissed … Behavior violated common sense and standards of dignity, and certain deescalation skills trained to be adopted by all employees. “

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