School zone speed cams get first green light from senators – Tampa, Florida

Tampa, Florida 2021-11-30 17:32:17 –

Tallahassee, Florida — The Florida School Zone is one step closer to getting an automated speed camera.

A bill that allows them to unanimously clear it beginning Of the three Senate committees on Tuesday afternoon.

Bipartisan policy (SB 410) Provides local governments with the option of installing automatic speed cameras in school zones. Drivers may face a $ 158 fine that does not affect their insurance. Tickets exceed the limit and start at 10 mph, with enforcement starting 1 hour before and 1 hour after class.

“The Senate version didn’t work last year,” said Senator Anna Maria Rodriguez of R-Dral, the sponsor of the bill. “So we are definitely light-years ahead of the last session.”

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Senator Ana Maria Rodriguez sponsored a bill permitting automatic speed cameras in school districts.

Rodriguez Rep. Nick Durand, D-Miami, for the second consecutive year. The two continue to seek approval, citing 2018. report List Florida as the penultimate nationally for dangerous drivers near the school.

“It’s clearly a very well-intentioned bill,” Rodriguez said. “I think it saves a lot of lives. It will help children, teachers and all involved who go to school every day.”

There are critics, including Tallahassee’s crossing guard Sharon Sterling. She recently told us that the camera wasn’t a big deterrent.

“It didn’t work at the traffic light … at the red light,” she said.

On the committee, Some lawmakers also questioned the destination of the fine. The bill divides them among states, municipalities and districts. Several members have suggested going to more schools to help strengthen funding for things like transportation.

Senator Travis Hatson speaks about school zone speed cameras on November 30, 2021

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Senator Travis Hutson will discuss the allocation of funds to the school district at a committee hearing on November 30, 2021.

“Everything shouldn’t flow, or most shouldn’t flow to the local government,” said Senator Travis Hatson of the R-Palm Coast. “In order for school districts to be able to use those dollars to increase their needs, they should be split more equitably.”

The sponsor said he was ready to accept the amendment as the policy progressed and was destined to discuss further when lawmakers returned to the regular 60-day legislative session starting January 11.

The Senate bill has two more stops before reaching the floor. The House bill needs to clear four committees.

If signed by the governor next year, the law will come into effect immediately, but cities and counties must provide a 30-day education period before issuing citations.

School zone speed cams get first green light from senators Source link School zone speed cams get first green light from senators

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