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Tampa, Florida 2021-10-08 13:28:35 –

Pandemics offer cybercriminals unprecedented opportunities, and there are no signs that they will slow down.

Check Point Security found that cyberattacks increased by 40% worldwide between 2020 and 2021. Last month alone, there were more weekly cyberattacks than any other month since January 2020.

One of 61 organizations around the world is affected by weekly ransomware attacks. The most frequently targeted companies are educational and research institutes.

Doug Levin, National Director of K12, a non-profit organization, said: Security information. “Federal agencies are actually targeted, but they are using it to compromise school district software and technology as a means of attacking other, more important targets.”

The federal government has financial and security interests in helping school districts protect themselves from cyberattacks. That’s why today the K-12 Cybersecurity Law has become a law.

The law entrusts investigations to the school district issuing recommendations and tools to protect itself from hackers. This is what the K12 security bulletin has already done.

They have developed the essential protections they say will benefit any district in which they are located. We have also created a self-assessment tool to measure progress towards the implementation of these standards.

Nonprofits also took into account the restrictions and capabilities of each school district.

“There are many very sophisticated cybersecurity risk management frameworks that already exist, but the school district is overcapacity depending on the amount of money and resource needs available,” says Levin.

According to Levin, the district is not a standard for cyber protection, which is essentially an unmanageable outcome for threat actors. The district manages large sums of money, can be blackmailed by millions, and holds a lot of valuable data and sensitive information about students and families. And the teacher.

“We’ve seen examples of tax evasion and theft of personal information, from very young children to teachers working in school districts, which can take weeks, months, or years to be released,” Levin said. Mr. says. ..

The K12 Security Information Exchange is working with the federal government to help develop cybersecurity standards for school districts.

Schools at risk amid rise in ransomware attacks Source link Schools at risk amid rise in ransomware attacks

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