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Miami, Florida 2021-06-16 10:40:00 –

Governor Ron DeSantis advertised this measure on Monday as a way for students to “look back and pray as they see fit” and require public schools to remain silent at the beginning of each day. Signed.

DeSantis has signed a bill (HB 529) at The Shul of Bal Harbor, a Jewish community center, to begin a 1-2 minute silent prayer in a public school classroom.

“I’m sorry for the idea that God can be driven out of all institutions and succeed, but the founding father didn’t believe it,” said Desantis, a placard that says, “Protect religious freedom.” Said just before signing the bill behind.

When the law comes into force on July 1, public school principals must instruct first-term teachers to begin a moment of silence.

The new law also requires teachers to “suggest the nature of reflection that students may make in the moment of silence” and that students “cannot prevent the participation of other students.” ..

Teachers should also encourage parents to talk to their students about the moment of silence and “suggest the best use” of that time.

While speaking at the Jewish Community Center in Miami-Dade County, DeSantis and Republican allies focused on a bill that would allow quiet prayer. Lieutenant Jeanette Núñez said the bill “allows religious freedom and allows students to have a minute or two at the beginning of the day.”

The tone of the event was a departure from previous comments by the bill sponsors that this measure was not specifically intended to allow prayer.

Senate sponsor Dennis Bucksley, R-Okara, said in a Senate floor debate in April that the bill would give school children a quiet, uninterrupted moment of “just stop and reflect.” He defended the bill, stating that it was aimed.

House sponsor Randy Fine, R-Bred County, also claimed in February that the proposal would not impose religion on public school students.

West Palm Beach Democrat Omari Hardy, who voted against the bill, accused Republican supporters of misrepresenting the intent behind the bill.

“The Republicans who sponsored the bill said it wasn’t about school prayer. (Of course it was!) But when they doubted their motives and honesty, it was called a personal attack and broke down. No. Republicans are lying and need to call them every time, “Hardy said in a tweet on Monday.

Schools forced to have moments of silence | News Source link Schools forced to have moments of silence | News

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