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Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky 2021-01-12 18:36:59 –

Irvine, Kentucky (LEX 18) — Many school districts are returning to face-to-face learning this week after having to achieve 100% of most of 2020.

Estill County was one of the first counties to return last week, even though Governor Andy Beshear asked the school to wait until January 11.

“Our goal this spring is to meet in person for as many days as possible,” Jeff Sailor told LEX 18 last week.

The county’s COVID-19 incidence fell below Sailor’s threshold and school was reopened on Monday, January 4, when the board settled.

Currently it is still below 50, but that number now includes students and staff in the school building.

According to the school dashboard, there are eight active cases of four students and four staff. Across the district, 23 students and 16 staff are currently in quarantine. Eight of our staff work at Estill Springs Elementary.

The superintendent declined the interview request today, but spoke to LEX18 over the phone for about 10 minutes. He said the majority of cases within schools in Estill County were due to community expansion, not necessarily what happened at school.

Many parents have posted approvals for their return decision last month. However, Jessica Cain was critical of Sailor’s choice not to consult the health sector before deciding to open earlier than Governor Bescher advised.

“It feels like a bad decision. It was a decision that should have followed the recommendations of local government officials and governors like our Department of Health. I don’t think it’s safe for children to return to school. Early.” Cain said.

According to Sailor, the decision to continue face-to-face learning next week will depend on Thursday’s numbers.

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