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“Science is the work of Satan and the enemy of God’s Word,” one particularly delusional convert told me. And while he may represent a crazy fringe, he has a lot of companions. Studies show that a disturbing number of Americans do not trust science or scientists, many for religious reasons. Too often, they consider spirituality and the scientific method to be mutually exclusive areas. it’s not.

To be sure, not all scientists and their discoveries deserve our admiration and trust. As with any profession, there are always sisters, scammers, and closed-minded enthusiasts at work. And others simply make honest mistakes. Nonetheless, scientists who truly adhere to their beliefs in the pursuit of evidence-based knowledge are not only for many contributions to our way of life, but also for the value of informing their approach. Also, it is the achievement of our seeds to seek the truth.

One of those values ​​is the willingness and sometimes enthusiasm to prove wrong. Many scientists are fascinated by the power of ideas, and their abundance weakens the sense of ego that is incompatible with genuine spirituality. They recognize that their work is much bigger than they are. They call this the “truth”. For them, it is not based on opinions, prejudices, self-interests, or some Bozo “news” posts on social media. It emerges from measurable evidence, the kind that withstands the scrutiny of theories that compete with critical observers.

Curiosity about the universe

Another value that scientists endorse is curiosity, which also drives many spiritual seekers. Scientists look around the next turn of the trail, whether it’s investigating the biochemistry of life, studying galaxies far away in space, or analyzing atmospheric data to predict climate. It’s like a wilderness trekker you need. The real thing follows the evidence wherever it leads, and they share what they discover, even if it overturns one of their core beliefs and theories. It takes courage. Why? There are many people who are openly hostile to science and scientists. Because they often threaten their fragile personal beliefs and fiery self-interest. For example, Senator Dimwitt (ie Cruz), who is clearly not a scientist, wants to be prosecuted by Dr. Forch, a scientist and civil servant. .. .. Well, tell the truth. In his time, Galileo faced a similar predicament.

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Believing in science, in contrast to the flames emanating from some pulpits and a few political types, does not prevent you from agreeing to faith. In fact, research shows that many scientists feel deeply and spiritually about their work and are in awe of the creation and the power that created it. Cosmologist Carl Sagan said: It is a profound source of spirituality. “

Miracle everywhere

As a behavioral scientist and amateur astronomy, naturalist and meteorologist, there is nothing in the scientific method or body of knowledge that impedes my spiritual journey. The exact opposite. The more I see through the lens of science what we call reality, the more my spiritual sense expands and strengthens. “Miracles are everywhere, everywhere,” Emerson told us. And science is one way to uncover the mysterious nuances of this being.

Was the pursuit of scientific knowledge uniformly positive? Absolutely not. Science has brought us fear of nuclear waste, toxic chemicals, weapons of mass destruction, and more. But beyond recorded history, you can point your finger at the religion responsible for the horrific phlebotomy, persecution, and even genocide.

Science is a tool, and like religion, when it is not used well, it arises from human ignorance, deception or malice, not because its principles and practices are invalid. That is, we need spirituality to guide the moral use of science, and science to curb the tendency to be ignorantly prejudiced, intellectually rigid, or just stupid. Is required. This rigorous research method helps to scrutinize opinions and assumptions rather than blindfolding and accepting them.

Isaac Asimov, a well-known scientist and writer, said: Please scrape it off once in a while. Otherwise, the light will not come in. “

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