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Scientists have discovered that Earth-sized planets are being cared for unbound through galaxies.

Earth It orbits the sun like a ship sailing in a circle around the anchor. But what if someone (or something) loosens the ship? What happens to a small world that is freed from the stars and the solar system and is flying helplessly and carelessly in the interstellar space? What happens if the planet becomes fraudulent?

Scientists suspect that billions of rogue planets or “illegal” planets may exist in the Milky Way, but so far, as many as 4,000 worlds have been discovered beyond us. Only a handful of candidates have appeared in the. Solar system.. Most of these potential fraudulent planets are huge, two to 40 times the mass of Jupiter (one Jupiter is equivalent to about 300 Earths). But now, astronomers believe they have detected a world of unparalleled injustice. A small, free-floating planet, roughly a mass of the Earth, running around the intestines of the Milky Way.

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