Scientists need your help counting walruses from space – Honolulu, Hawaii

Honolulu, Hawaii 2021-10-17 21:47:19 –

Scientists are seeking the help of the general public to count walruses in satellite imagery. (Photo: Getty Images)

(NEXSTAR) – The World Wildlife Fund and the British Antarctic Survey are conducting a walrus census – and they need your help.

The organization wants you (and thousands of other people) to see satellite images of walruses in Arctic habitats and count the number you see. The Atlantic and Raptev walrus tabulations will give scientists a better idea of ​​how the population is coping with climate change and sea ice melting.

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“It is very difficult to assess walrus populations in the traditional way. Walruses live in very remote areas, spend a lot of time on sea ice and move around a lot. Satellite images address this issue. It can be solved, “said Hannah Kubaines, a researcher at the British Antarctic Observatory. Press release.. “But doing that for all Atlantic and Laptev walruses would require a huge amount of images, too much for a single scientist or a small team.”

That’s where you can help. WWF and BAS want a whopping 500,000 people to participate in this effort.

Scientists are worried about the Arctic and Laptev walruses, WWF said. They use sea ice to rest and give birth to babies. As the ice disappears, walruses have less rest and are worried that they will have to burn more energy in search of increasingly rare foods.

They may also be forced into land with less sea ice around them. “Overcrowded beaches can have fatal consequences. Walruses are easily scared, swarming towards the water when they are creepy, and trampling on each other in a panic,” WWF said.

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Anyone interested in helping can learn more and register to participate here.. All you need is a computer or tablet and internet access. Children can participate with the help and permission of their parents.

Scientists need your help counting walruses from space Source link Scientists need your help counting walruses from space

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