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After serving as New Zealand Ambassador for four years, Scott Brown returned to the United States to serve as Dean of New England Law.

Brown accepted his job under New England Law in 2019 and added the title of Dean to Ambassador, US Senator, and Colonel.

Former Senator Massachusetts sat down for the first television interview with NBC10 Boston political reporter Allison King after returning to the United States, where they discussed everything from his time in New Zealand to Donald Trump and the Republican state. ..

Looking back on his time as an ambassador, Brown said, “It was arguably one of the greatest honors Gale and I have ever experienced.”

For Brown, it was an adjustment to return to the United States from a country where COVID-19 was scarcely present.

“The difference is that New Zealand quickly joined forces, united and achieved it. I thought we were a bit short in that area,” Brown said of the virus response in the United States. It was.

But does Brown feel as if former President Donald Trump dropped the ball?

“As you know, I wasn’t here. In honor, I just know something different here,” he said.

Brown, one of Trump’s earliest supporters, prefers not to discuss politics these days. He considers himself a diplomat. He was happy to talk about the best of life in New Zealand, with staff at the luxurious ambassador’s residence.

Brown says he had a rock band and he used rock and roll diplomacy to make connections.

“People pass through my gate and the American flag is everywhere,” he recalls, “By the way, you’re American now, so get your hair down and get along and have fun.” did. ..

There was also a crucial part of his work-strengthening business and trade, especially against China, Brown said.

“They go beyond leveraging the Pacific island nations to manipulate currencies and steal intellectual property,” he said.

There was also the tragedy of a terrorist attack in Christchurch and a volcano that erupted on White Island killed and burned American tourists badly.

“So it’s not all fun and games, I can tell you,” he said.

When asked what he wanted to say while he was there, Brown replied, “I made a difference. I was able to help many young people.”

And while the majority of Republicans who support Trump don’t have many kind words about President Joe Biden, Brown wasn’t a chaser.

Former US Senator Scott Brown returned to the United States four years later as New Zealand’s ambassador. In his first television interview after returning to the state, Brown talks about Joe Biden, Donald Trump, and the Republican Party.

When he gestured to a photo of Biden vowing to take office in 2010, Brown remembered going to Biden’s house and drinking beer.

“I hope he works, because if he works, we will work,” he added.

Brown, however, does not seem to be so keen on emphasizing the former president.

When asked what he thought of the House of Representatives impeachment manager’s proceedings against Mr. Trump, he said, “I think it’s important to comment on what happened on January 6. I thought it was ridiculous … But don’t agree, whatever the president would have done to incite or be part of it. ”

As the first Republican official to publicly support Trump in New Hampshire, does Brown feel that Trump has totally disappointed him?

“I wanted someone to go there and be a changemaker … I wanted someone else … Have I objected? Absolutely, and I already have them Publicly pointed out, “Brown said.

Asked if he would say anything wrong with Trump, Brown instead said, “It has nothing to do with my job here now. I’m here. And politics is sickening me now.” I answered. Said.

Brown is a self-proclaimed moderate when many moderate Republicans criticize or flee the party. So has he ever considered leaving the party?

“We always felt that our party was a big tent party, and there is plenty of room for everyone with different ideas and ideas,” he said. “I very strongly believe that a two-party system or perhaps a three-party system is essential to our democracy.”

Does Brown have a message for Republicans?

“I have a message for all parties and all people. It just can’t get along with all of us? To Ronald Reagan / Tip O’Neill, Scott Brown / Elizabeth Warren I will continue to mention. “

Brown mentions a once controversial relationship with Senator Elizabeth Warren after losing the seat of US Senator in 2013.

“We were kicking each other’s junk pretty well …” he said.

However, according to Brown, the two eventually resolved their difference.

“Until the first day in the office, she called me and said,” Congratulations, good luck. “Tell me what I can do,” he recalled. “If I can get along with Elizabeth Warren, I think I can get along with others. I hope it’s a pretty good lesson for people.”

Scott Brown, Back From New Zealand, Goes 1-on-1 With NBC10Boston to Discuss Trump, Republican Party and His Time in New Zealand – NBC Boston Source link Scott Brown, Back From New Zealand, Goes 1-on-1 With NBC10Boston to Discuss Trump, Republican Party and His Time in New Zealand – NBC Boston

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