Scott County football community welcomes truck drivers as “heroes” to discover bus fires – Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky

Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky 2021-09-25 23:10:01 –

Georgetown, Ky. (LEX 18) —Scott County football team members are full of gratitude on Saturday.

After the truck driver handed them over Friday night Noticed that their bus was on fire and helped take them safely, the community calls the man a hero.

Second grade Jacob Romero was on the bus. It is difficult for him to find a word for relief. The bus ignited on Friday at Lexington’s I-75.

“Our coach said he was trying to get the bus driver’s attention and someone was trying to get over us. The truck driver said the bus was on fire and needed to be pulled. “, Said Romero.

Scott County had just lost to Frederick Douglass. Most of us were there after the loss. Those vehicles can be quiet and moody. This was exactly the opposite.

“I said,’The bus is burning, the wheels are burning, I need to pull the bus,'” recalled Alvin Edwards, who saw the bus burning. “I started screaming, get off the bus, get off the bus, it won’t go out.”

The exact cause of the malfunction that caused the fire has not yet been identified, but the truck driver’s parental instinct has begun. He is the father of a high school football player himself.

“I felt like I had my own child there,” Edwards said. “I just entered protected mode and needed to get rid of them.”

Billy Parker, director-elect of Scott County, said: “We are really grateful that this is a situation where the minutes certainly seemed important.”

“If I didn’t turn in the wrong direction, I wouldn’t be there when it happened,” Edwards said.

When he saw the bus, he was heading in the wrong direction on the road. His work didn’t end after Edwards took 21 students, two coaches, and a driver off the bus. He tried to put out the fire with a fire extinguisher, but all the while trying to keep everyone away from the burning bus.

“I and all my friends hugged each other and said that if we were already on the bus, we probably couldn’t bring it to life,” Romero said.

The team wasn’t just hugging each other. At this moment, Edwards was a teammate.

“When they won the game, they crowded me as you see in a football game,” Edwards said. “And they slammed me on my bald head, tapped me, gave me a hug, and waved my hand.”

It is now believed that he welcomed the hero and saved his parents valuable cargo.

“It makes me so emotional and I don’t know what to say,” Edwards said. “Keep my words away from me. I just did what my dad did.”

Everyone got off the bus safely. Bus maintenance records were available to Scott County school leaders after the weekend.

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