Scott Disick DM drama led by Amelia Gray Hamlin Split

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Spill tea! Lisa Rinna Shared new details about her daughter Amelia Gray Hamlin‘NS Split from Scott disick During Part 2 of Beverly Hills real housewife Season 11 reunion.

NS Melrose Place Alum, 58, confirmed in an episode on Wednesday, October 20, that she supported the model, 20. [the decision] “She does it herself,” added after the host. Andy Cohen Asked if she Pushed her youngest child and started farewell..

“News coverage is that The entire DM exchange in which Scott participated, A 53-year-old executive producer offered.

Lina admitted that the scandal contributed to the collapse. “Well, I don’t think it helped. There’s no reason to think people are splitting. Now is the time to heal, and now is the time to heal everyone,” she said, saying she needs to heal too. Stated.

Lisa Rinna confirms Scott Disick's DM to Yunes Benjima has joined Amelia Gray Hamlin Split

Younes Bendjima and Kourtney Kardashian will be participating in the benefits of the Syrian American Medical Society on May 4, 2018 in Los Angeles. Mediapunch / Shutterstock

Disic then made a headline in August Kourtney KardashianMoto kare UNES Benjima Leaked a suspicious message Turn over like a discic Alum sent him via Instagram. “Is this chick okay! ????? This is Brooo. In the middle of Italy,” he is said to have written about a photo of the founder of 42-year-old Pouch — he has a son. Sharing Mason, 11, daughter Penelope, 9, and Son’s Reign, 6 — and Travis Barker I make it on a boat while I’m on vacation in Europe.

Sources said We weekly In that September Hamlin was “confused” for Disic In the trial. In less than a week, multiple insiders We The pair was split after it was first linked in October 2020.

Lina was speaking out about her dislike of the pre-dissolution relationship.She even suggested during the August episode RHOBH that Hamlin date Harry Styles Instead of discic.

“I warned everyone” Veronica Mars Alum said during the episode she bashed the former on Wednesday Keep up with the turmoil of the Kardashian family She was a television star, adding that she did not believe her remarks had a negative impact on her daughter’s romance. “Listen, when you say that people are still human and not necessarily flattering, I think it still hurt people.”

Lina Disic was “very nice” when she met himBut she only spent three times with him.

Kyle RichardsIn the meantime, I considered whether it was her comment about the untalented co-founder — Call him “too old” for Hamlin — Annoyed her with friends Kris Jenner..

“”[The Kardashian-Jenner family] I didn’t say anything about it. Immediately I felt sick. Because I know them all. ” Halloween kill Star, 52, said. “But Amelia is 20 years old and I’m the mother of my daughter, so I wouldn’t approve of it when I was in Lisa’s position, but I knew she couldn’t control it.”

Disic used to make a fuss about the Kardashian family from 2006 to 2015. Recent engagement to his ex-barker, 45, Insider Speaks Exclusively We “I’m absolutely angry,” he added. “He knew it was possible, but he was very jealous of the relationship between Courtney and Travis.”

Hamlin, for her part, Showed subtle support On October 17th (Sun), I like and propose Instagram photos of romantic moments.

Beverly Hills real housewife Bravo will air on Wednesday at 8 pm (Eastern Standard Time).

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Scott Disick DM drama led by Amelia Gray Hamlin Split

Source link Scott Disick DM drama led by Amelia Gray Hamlin Split

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