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Scott Rabalais: It’s all on Georgia to knock off Bama, win SEC and usher in new CFP era | LSU – New Orleans, Louisiana

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Atlanta — Georgia Bulldogs is a touchdown favorite over Alabama Crimson Tide in Saturday’s SEC Championship Game.

It makes sense. Georgia was number one for most of the season. Its defenses are more difficult to break into than a millionaire panic room. By comparison, the attack, which is canceled as a pedestrian, has scored more than 30 points in all games except the 10-3 marshmallow toss at the start of the season with Clemson.

In comparison, Alabama is having a hard time. Crimson Tide lost 3 to Texas A & M (Gasp!), 6 to LSU, 7 to Arkansas, and 2 to Florida and Auburn. Bama became vulnerable for the first time in 93 consecutive games. I think this goes back to the days of Forrest Gump’s play.

Given the way these two teams played this year, Bama deserves the dog’s status in the showdown on Saturday. Georgia won with an average of just under 34 points per game. Bama’s winning margin checks in at just under 23 points per game.

Still, it’s Bama. It’s like turning Dracula into a 3-point underdog after dark. Do not calculate. Especially if you think Georgia has been frittering without a national championship trophy for the past 40 years, despite some thoroughbred teams.

Georgia is talented. Georgia dominates. Georgia is a super team, but its kryptonite was formerly named Alabama. In the last six times Bama and Georgia met, the bulldog was in the top eight. They lost every time, including 26-23 in the 2018 CFP Championship Game at DeVonta Smith’s Overtime Touchdown Catch and 41-24 last year.

Rekedavis, host of ESPN’s “College GameDay” show, said:

Still, there’s something in the bulldog’s corner that has never been seen before. With one idea in mind, Saturday afternoon, the entire world of college football, which loves Crimson Tide, settles down to see the battle between 1st and 3rd in this classic epic SEC Championship game. think.

Jesuis Bulldog.

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The College Football Playoff is flawed, but it’s a big leap forward in deciding on a national champion. Currently subject to thorough investigation and scrutiny by a subcommittee of the CFP Committee, with a lot of thoughtful contemplation in the oak paneled conference room, the seemingly unavoidable expansion is still a long way off. there is.

They are coming back to us right now. Or by 2025.

Except for the guaranteed lack of access to the Cincinnati Bear Cats in the world, the biggest knock in the whole process is all repetitiveness. Rounding up of normal suspects. For years, we’ve got endless highlight reels like Alabama-Clemson, Clemson-Alabama. The Ohio State University and Oklahoma State University were repeaters to please their fans, but they broke the entire system, which looked exclusive like a gold-plated yacht club.

The situation is different this season. Clemson is no longer controversial. Oklahoma too. The two-defeat Ohio State University didn’t even create the Big Ten Championship Game, so it should be successful. Yes, Georgia appeared in CFP four years ago, but there is no championship. do you remember? Despite all the soul-breaking defenses of the season, the bulldog still looks vulnerable because he often played championship football with one hand wrapped around his throat. Heck, Louisiana is only 3-5 in the SEC Championship Game and contains 1-3 records against LSU.

The only team that still has the old stubborn flag is Alabama. Alabama in 3rd place beats Georgia in a bad way, and if he loses to the bulldog, he will be in the ear canal. Maybe.

Alabama’s departure from the playoffs is in complete conflict with the world of Crimson Tide fans. For the rest of us, it’s a breath of fresh air. Playoffs without Alabama? Do you have Clemson? Is there an Ohio State University or Oklahoma State University? Discuss everything you want, whether Cincinnati is better or more valuable, but it will be a welcome change in pace.

It all depends on Georgia. I’m worried about that. Bulldogs are much more accustomed to becoming a “shit, runaway” team than to win these things. Remember another horror of the 2018 SEC Championship Game? After Georgia led 28-14 in the third quarter, Alabama desperately put Jayren Hearts in the quarterback and won 35-28.

Yes, that’s what it is. Georgia was great. There seems to be no one else in the Bulldogs class, and even Stetson Bennett, who is slightly above average in quarterbacks, seems to be their year this year. They remind us of a significant portion of LSU’s 2011 team. We all know how it worked.

There’s always the feeling that Lucy is trying to pull the football apart, and college football Charlie Brown is trying to roll his back flat. Those who aren’t pulling Alabama are probably on that side.

Scott Rabalais: It’s all on Georgia to knock off Bama, win SEC and usher in new CFP era | LSU Source link Scott Rabalais: It’s all on Georgia to knock off Bama, win SEC and usher in new CFP era | LSU

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