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After submerging in a long, narrow car, the children leaned forward, grabbed the bridle, went down the car, went down the hill, or sat down and prepared the car to do all the work.

When they were signaled, some children hurriedly rolled forward and hurried down the hill. Others struggled a bit after the grade leveled off and were forced to use their arms to move forward when pushing out the asphalt.

About 30 children attended the Scout BSA Soap Box Derby on Saturday in Longmont. The event was the first derby in about 20 years in the Longmont area, Adrian Barrett said.

“Their favorite part was building a car,” Barrett said. “They built it from scratch. They’ve been working on it for about a month.”

Annie Barrett drags her car up the hill as she descends Mountain Viewer Venue at Soap Box Derby on October 9, 2021. (Cliff Glasmic / Staff Photographer)

Barrett of Mead said he named his car Neon Moon and decorated it with stars.

Contestants were Cub Scouts and Scout members from Army 64 in Longmont and other regions, said Scott Conlin, Army Assistant Scout Master.

It was Konrin’s idea to take the children out and return the derby to the area to work with.

“There is an official Soap Box Derby that occurs in Littleton or Colorado Springs, but not in northern Colorado,” he said.

Cub Scouts (under 11 years old) and Scouts (11-17 years old) were awarded awards for the fastest teams, the fastest cars and drivers, and the best designed cars.

Neon Moon won all three Eiry Barrett Cub Scout categories, with Mead in Pack 159 winning the fastest driver.

The fastest team in the Scout category was The A Team from Boulder’s Troop 78. Overall, the fastest driver was Joe Danforth of Louisville. He is part of Troop 78. The best designed car was a scrap of Boulder’s Troop 377. The fastest single-run driver was also Troop 377’s Ian Tucker.

It was his first year to host the event, but Konrin knew that the kids were having fun and enjoying the day. That’s all, he said.

“Although it’s always tricky at the first year’s event, everyone here seems to have a great time,” Konrin said. “The kids are back and they’re like’Yeah!’. That’s what makes it happen.”

Konrin plans to turn Durbon into an annual event, which will be open to non-Scout children.

14-year-old Ben Trendler was waiting for his car, Collective Brain Cell, to be called on Saturday afternoon. His two partners raced and won in front of him.

Longmont, Colorado-October 9, 2021 ...
Nathan Anderson is preparing to get off the ramp for the first race of the day during the Soap Box Derby down Mountain Viewer Venue on October 9, 2021. (Cliff Glasmic / Staff Photographer)

He said he was new to Derby and was anxious to slide down the ramp.

“It was just fun,” he said. “We had to work together (the car) and think about what we wanted to add to it.”

Boulder’s John Winnet sat on the sidewalk and watched the kids jump out of the ramp on Saturday. His son, Jeremy Winnet, 12, was a contest builder.

Winnett said it was his first time to participate in the Soap Box Derby. He added that Jeremy’s granduncle was the national Soap Box Derby Champion in 1958.

According to Winnett, Jeremy enjoyed the event because he was given the opportunity to work with friends and do something different.

“I think he likes teamwork where everyone gets together to make a car,” he said.

Scouts bring back Soap Box Derby in Longmont on Saturday, with plans to continue and expand – The Denver Post Source link Scouts bring back Soap Box Derby in Longmont on Saturday, with plans to continue and expand – The Denver Post

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